White Shark Media Offers Tips on Boosting Web Traffic With Google Adwords

The executives that provide leadership for this White Shark Media Review, a successful advertising company, have recently discussed ways that clients could boost traffic to company websites through the use of Google Adwords. Any business owner that operates primarily online knows the importance of increasing website traffic. Traffic to a website means that more people […]... Read More

Changes to Higher Education Act Move Past House

Five bills were passed this week in the House of Representatives that continue the incremental reformation of the Higher Education Act that has been underway for over a decade.The act was initially passed in 1965, and was influenced by the Civil Rights movement. Sponsored by Representative John Kline(R-MN),the bills enjoyed bipartisan support due to their […]... Read More

Does Testing School Water for Lead Pass the Test?

When high levels of lead turned up in school districts, legislatures began making moves. In New York, the state legislature passed a bill requiring school drinking water to be tested for lead. Similar legislation has been proposed in North Carolina. Schools are beginning to take lead levels seriously. Lead, especially in children, can lead to […]... Read More

Who’s Ready for Kindergarten? Me!

If you have a child starting kindergarten this fall, you’re probably excited but also have a lot of questions. One of the biggest ones might be, is my child even ready for kindergarten? Not to worry. The National Center for Education Statistics says that there’s a range in the abilities of children entering kindergarten, and […]... Read More

Did You Drop A Rotten Watermelon? Oh, No, That’s the School Lunch

Do parents ever wonder what the kids are eating at school? A dad and two moms got a chance to try their kids’ school lunches. It was not a pleasant experience. The first meal presented was a chicken salad sandwich. That’s all. Dad took one look at the sandwich filling and said, “Can somebody tell […]... Read More

Laidlaw & Company And I Are Partners In Investment

I have a partner in investment at Laidlaw & Company now that I have spoken with their principals and brokers about investing my capital. I run a business in my home every day, and I have been speaking with Laidlaw for some time. This article is a short look at why I am using Laidlaw for my business trust. #1: A Business Trust Is Entirely-Necessary A business trust is the reserve cash that I keep on-hand for future projects. I am never certain when I will be in need of reserve money, but the money is invested with the assistance of Laidlaw and their staff. I have spoken with both Matthew Eitner and James Ahern about my trust, and they have aided in the construction of the trust. #2: I Am A Careful Investor I deeply-appreciate how respectful the Laidlaw staff is. They understand that I am in no position to invest all my money at once, and I am waiting for the perfect opportunity to add more money to the trust. Laidlaw approaches me with new investment opportunities only at my discretion, and they keep our relationship business-like at all times. #3: My Business Trust Is Growing I am pleased to admit that my business trust is growing. The trust started with a small amount of cash that was used to begin the business, and I wanted to use the profits to begin a new trust. It is much easier to control our funds with help from the trust at Laidlaw, and I see my money building every week. It is quite a sight to view glowing financial reports. The Laidlaw staff, their principals and their investment partners have made me feel as though I am part of the family. Their successes are my successes now that I keep my trust with them. Source: https://www.thestreet.com/story/13394818/1/us-federal-court-issues-temporary-restraining-order-against-laidlaw-company-and-its-principals-matthew-eitner-and-james-ahern.html... Read More

Many Schools Testing Drinking Water for Lead

As reported in an article in The Huffington Post, the presence of lead in drinking water in public schools has just become a nationwide issue. Just last month, two public elementary schools in Portland reported elevated levels of lead in their drinking water. These results were echoed by other schools around the country, including in […]... Read More

Will Hillary Clinton’s Education Policy Lead to Higher Tuition Rates

Nearly everyone would agree that a college degree is a valuable acquisition and that student debt is one of the major financial burdens Americans are currently struggling with. Hillary Clinton has made affordable education a pillar of her 2016 campaign, and has come out with an ambitious policy: eliminate tuition for students attending in-state colleges […]... Read More