Securus Technologies Uncovers Dishonest Practices of Global Tel Link.

Secures is a renowned company that provides high-quality services to institutions in the civil and criminal justice industry. The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and it offers its products and services to more than 3450 law enforcement organizations that have a capacity of about 1.2 million inmates in North America. The primary services of […]... Read More

Kyle Bass Right On China And Not Much Else

Hayman Capital CEO and hedge fund guru Kyle Bass hasn’t been right on much lately, but he could be right on the money regarding recent events in China. Bass, who made his bones on subprime mortgages and correctly predicting the 2008 banking crisis, predicted that China’s economy would suffer due to a influx of bad […]... Read More

Wen By Chaz Overcomes Odds

Having beautiful hair takes time, it takes effort and it takes money. As a woman it is always so important to make sure you have the best shampoo, the best hair conditioner and the best styling gel. It’s almost as if all those products work in tangem and if you don’t have one you can […]... Read More

Talk Fusion Releases New Technology

Video marketing company, Talk Fusion has released a WebRTC Recorder on May 20, 2016. This allows marketers that use Talk Fusion to have a faster way to reach their own clients and customers. This is a significant move on the part of WebRTC being one of the early adopters of WebRTC technology. This technology makes […]... Read More