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Aloha Construction Channels Most of Its Profits towards Community Service

Aloha Construction is headed by David Farbarky who is the chairman and president of the company. The Building and Construction Company was founded in 2008 and has its main offices at Lake Zurich located in Illinois. The company has a set of goals that have to be achieved at the end of every financial year, and these include projects that they offer.

Their projects have been able to serve a large number of people despite it being a small firm in a community with a large population. The services that they offer include roofing, installation of gutters, repairing of doors and windows and much more. As such, it is the best company for ensuring a renovation of your home. Over the years they have engineered various ways that have helped them connect with the people living in Illinois. This has been through engagement in offering community service to the poor and the aged. This generous giving has helped in marketing the company’s products and services. This has, therefore, helped them get a more comprehensive market for their products and more clients for their services.

One of the most recognizable charitable acts is when they spared some of their time despite their busy schedule to connect with low-income families. By so doing they took a recognizable number to a shopping spree where they bought for them various household products including food and clothing. They also spent a large portion of these funds in buying toys for kids. Indeed their involvement with these communities has helped in improving their livelihoods.

Other important ways of creating these lifelong bonds are by partnering with local charitable organizations within the community to ensure that they reach every needy family in Illinois. The company also launched its philanthropic organization, Dave Farbaky Foundation which was named after their Chief Executive Officer.

This great organization has united with other philanthropic organizations in events such as sponsoring kids who are passionate about sports. This was by helping in purchasing tickets for them and even securing seats for them at the Bloomington Thunder Hockey Tournament. Indeed their generosity has improved the livelihood of Illinois community.


Traveling Vineyard, Wine Guides and Parties

Traveling Vineyard is a wine company that lets you make commissions off sales. They give you wine tasting kits that you are supposed to expose people to. If people like the wines that they tasted and want to buy the wines, they will buy the wines and you will get the commissions from the orders that you place. Two events’ worth of wine tasting samples costs $189. Some of the things that are provided include a bottle carrier, tasting glasses, ten bottles of wine and various accessories. A person who wants to be involved in this business does not need to be a wine expert. In fact, the starter kit includes information such as food pairings and tasting notes. There is an online community where wine guides can seek help. Also, there are conventions that happen all around the world that wine guides can attend to network and hone their skills. Per wine event, wine guides earn an average of 80 dollars to 100 dollars. The more orders you make, the larger percentage your commission is. Traveling Vineyard does not put heavy amounts of pressure on wine guides to sell wine. They do not threaten wine guides with the prospect of making less or being knocked down on the totem pole, of getting fired. The only thing that will happen to someone who doesn’t sell that much wine is that they will generally earn less commissions, and the percentages that they earn for commissions will be lower and read full article.

Traveling Vineyard saw its founding on November 30th, 2001. The company’s alias is Phoenix Vintners, LLC. The email address that people can contact them at is [email protected] Their phone number is 1(877)-340-9869. The philosophy of the company is to integrate selling wine with hosting parties. Their Awesomm app provides top-of-the-line business technology to wine guides. Traveling Vineyard also has a “Sommology Program” where they educate wine-guides-in-training about how to conduct tastings. Some of their choices in wine include: Pinot Grigio from Italy, Chardonnay from the United States, Cabernet Franc Rose from France, Zinfandel from the United States, Spanish White Wine blend, Portuguese Red Wine blend and French Cabernet Syrah/Sauvignon blend and what Traveling Vineyard knows.

Traveling Vineyard is a homegrown, American company; located in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The company declared chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010. As a result, investors such as Richard Libby brought the company from out of the ashes by purchasing it and restarting it and its Facebook.

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All about Market America Unfranchise

Like a normal franchise system of business, The Market America Unfranchise system offers a modern management system, standardization, marketing and merchandising tools, better visibility and the chance to own multiple locations at once.However, the Unfranchise model from Market America is even better. You do not need to pay any franchise fee, there are no territorial restrictions, monthly royalties, and best of all the startup expenses are minimal or non-existent. Besides that, you do not need to quit your job to join the Unfranchise network by Market America. You can simply work part time and on flexible hours that are most convenient for you.This model of business offers you two primary ways through which you can earn an income. The first one is by offering products through your Market America web portal.

You will then be able to earn a gross retail profit of between 30 and 50 percent by fulfilling the wants and needs of about 10-15 selected customers. The second method of earning through this model is by creating sales organizations with others in the same line of business.In simple terms, this model of business provides you with a simple path of becoming financially independent by offering you to have a secure stream of income for years to come. For you to start building your Unfranchise business and earn a steady income, you will need to follow a detailed plan. You will also be given a Customize Web Portal and other tools to manage and run your business.Market America will create the services and products, come up with the marketing content, and handle all distribution and shipping. Your job while working on the web portal will be mainly to serve the needs of the customers and create financial security for yourself in the process.

Talos Energy

Talos Energy is one of the companies working on a joint project that has drilled the first private oil well in Mexico since their industry was nationalized nearly 80 years ago. This is the latest step that Mexico has taken to open up their market to foreign operators in a bid to more fully develop their energy resources and help provide a boost to their economy.

The oil well is called Zama-1 and drilling and development is being accomplished by Talos Energy based out of Houston, Premier Oil Plc which is London based, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas who completes the trio. Petroleos Mexicanos is the state-run monopoly which prior to this endeavor had been the only driller in the Mexican oil industry.

Zama-1 is located offshore from the Mexican state of Tabasco and is believed to hold a substantial reserve of oil. The Sureste Basin is a likely place for drillers and some estimates are as high as 500 million barrels as to its capacity. The lower end of the estimates are a still considerable 100 million barrels of oil. The three companies won a round of bidding in 2015 when Mexico took this historic step of inviting foreigners into their market. To know about Talos Energy click here.

An industry analyst, Elaine Reynolds, who works for London-based Edison Investment Research Ltd. indicates that there is great interest in the project among industry watchers. She also detailed that the geological structure of the basin indicates a high probability for success. Talos Energy will control a 35% stake in the well, Sierra Oil & Gas will control 40% and Premier Oil has a 25% stake in the endeavor.

Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company that emphasizes offshore exploration and production. They specialize in acquiring assets in two primary regions and they are the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

The expertise of Talos Energy is enhanced by their significant usage of three-dimensional seismic data that allows them to accurately map the acreage under their control. This happens to be state-of-the-art technology that their world-class staff utilizes to optimize their drilling inventory.

Vijay Eswaran Proves Success Comes by Helping Others

Vijay Eswaran is a man with a success story. He started out driving a cab, and now has a net worth of over half a billion dollars.

That is an amazing leap. He did it by leveraging the power of network marketing. He was able to change his life and the lives of thousands of people. He is also heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors. He attributes his success to giving to others. His actions have helped shorten his path to success. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: reveals that Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group. This is a conglomerate of companies with footprints in a number of business sectors. His affiliations include direct selling, financial services, retail, hospitality, and education.

The group employs more than 1500 people worldwide, and operates in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. His group places focus on helping people to rise above their present financial situation through the power of entrepreneurship. His company is also on a mission to transform urban lifestyle and to expand itself by investing in projects around the globe.

Eswaran references his past and the conditions he had to endure in his upbringing. He, like millions of people, grew up to believe that success and financial security is the result of working a nine-to-five.

As such, he worked hard to get a relevant education. It was in the process of getting his MBA that someone introduced him to network marketing. In a short time, his MLM networking and income surpassed his regular job. The rest is history. His networking for years gave him the courage to run with network marketing full time.

Success, in Eswaran’s mind, is a journey that is interwoven with challenges. He embraces both and feels there is no other way to realize success than by helping people reach their goals. It becomes a win-win for everyone.

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Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies

Aloha Construction, Quality Service And Community Commitment

Against the backdrop of 84 years of experience in a thriving industry, Aloha Construction has grown from a small company into a large organization. Complete with teams of field sales representatives, service and office staff, claim specialists, field supervisors, installers and inspectors. In Lake Zurich and surrounding areas, Aloha Construction performs general contractor services and full roof inspections and repair services. They’ve successfully completed over 18,000 projects in the local area.

As the President and CEO of Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky oversees daily operations, he works closely with suppliers and subcontractors to ensure timely completion of all projects and repairs. He’s an integral part of the company’s dedication to its customers. Every customer is treated with a high level professionalism and ethical integrity. Because honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of their success. Their customers have helped them to earned a reputation as a reliable, local building contractor and more information click here.

Aloha Construction and Dave Farbaky work hard to maintain the company’s good standing with the community. In addition to Illinois and Wisconsin, Aloha Construction also does project builds, roof installations and wind and storm damage repairs in the counties of McClean, Peoria, and Washington, and Champaign and Tazewell. The company is the leading contractor of flawless gutters, vinyl siding and shingles. They’re also known in the community as residential and commercial roof repair experts and Aloha on Facebook.

The goal of Dave Farbaky is to extend the long history of Aloha Construction for decades to come. It’s not everyday that you see a general contractor that’s been in business for 84 years. The company is licensed and bonded and offers a 10 year Craftsmanship warranty. Dave Farbaky also has a non-profit foundation, which does annual charity work in the community. It is called the, “Dave Farbaky Foundation” (DFF) and additionally he’s opened two local children charities.

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Susan McGalla Serves As Role Model To Women Executives

Businesswoman Susan McGalla knows all to well what it’s like for women to make it as an executive. During her meteoric rise, she experienced more than a few bumps in the road. McGalla more than proved that she was on equal footing with her male peers. She is an excellent role model for women strive for success. Her knowledge, drive and intelligence has earned her a great deal of success.

McGalla drive for success was drummed into her by her father. He insisted that she work hard for what she wanted and never let her gender be an excuse. After graduating from college, she went to work for American Eagle Outfitters. She worked in a number of positions within the organization. Her hard work paid off and she went on to head other Fortune 500 companies.

While McGalla has a very good story, there are not as many women climbing to the executive level. The glass ceiling still exists, but women need to know how to move beyond the roadblocks. Mcgalla says women being locked out has more to do with fundamental issues rather than talent. Less than 25 percent of the leadership jobs around the globe are held by women. McGalla says women should network and find mentors to help them grow.

Today, McGalla works for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization as a Vice President of Creative Development. She also sits on a number of boards throughout the city of Pittsburgh. McGalla also owns her own business, P3 Consulting. It was created to help up and coming entrepreneurs succeed.

The Proffessional Achievements of the Senior Executive Vice President AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a financial advisor working with AXA Advisors, LLC in New York. He attended Pace University, Lubin School of Business and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He recently returned to give a commencement speech to the graduating class of 2014. His roles in the company include recruitment, sales, human resource, compliance, operations, training, management development and expense management.

He is responsible for the growth and development of over 225 financial professionals in the central New Jersey. Vincent Parascandola oversees the branches in the northern part of USA as well as those in Hawaii and California. Mr. Parascandola has over 25 years of experience in the industry. He started his career in 1987 with Prudential and was awarded National rookie of the year. In 1990 he joined MONY Life Insurance Company where he held several local and regional field managerial positions. He later joined AXA Advisors in 2004. He was the co-manager of the company’s New York Metro Branch which holds around 40 financial professionals in the tri-state area. He later became president of The Advantage Group, a division of AXA Equitable that was formed to attract seasonal financial professional.

AXA Advisors, LLC is the retail distributor for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, a leading financial protector, and provider of premium life insurance and pension products. AXA has more than 6,000 financial professionals who provide plans and products for financial protection. This group of professionals also advice on asset allocation, investments, retirement, college, estate planning and business to fulfill clients financial needs throughout their lives. AXA Equitable is a branch of AXA Financial Incorporation, which is a part of the global AXA Group a leader in financial protection strategies and wealth Management throughout the world.

Distinguished for his leadership skills, Vincent Parascandola received several awards all through his career. According to Poco Museum, these awards include Master Agency and GAMA’s Career Development Awards. He is a good speaker and has delivered speeches on the different company and industrial symposiums, including LIMRA’s distribution conferences and GAMA’s national LAMP Meetings. Mr. Parascandola is a member of GAMA and former chairman of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. Follow on Facebook.


Orange Coast College – article recap

There are big things happening at Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa campus, especially in the recycling area. Last week, a ribbon was cut to inaugurate a building which took about a year and a half to complete. This new building will now be the new recycling center and it is quite a bit bigger compared to previous one. This was done based on a need. The recycling center of this college is a popular place for those who are interested in recycling waste, such as cans, plastic bottles, glass etc. This includes those who live in neighboring towns. Learn more:

The facility cost the college around $7.5 million and is located on Adams Ave, and it covers 5 acres, a far cry from the previous facility, which took roughly one acre. It will be the first facility of its type to feature amenities such as showers and break rooms. This is for the staff who will be running the place, which includes students working there part-time. Another interesting feature is the classrooms that will be located in the building and will teach classes connected to environmental studies and related subjects. In fact, the electrical supply for the building will be supplied by solar power and other environmentally friendly add-ons such as solar tubes for indoor light.

Orange Coast College is one of the largest and oldest community colleges in the US. From its humble beginnings of just a few hundred students dating back to the 1940’s, the college has grown to accommodate over 25,000 students. However, it is not only about student population size that makes this college stand apart from the rest. It ranks high in the number of student transfers who go on to study at the larger universities, in California as well as around the nation. This includes both state schools as well as private colleges. Learn more:

Orange Coast College is a member of the Coast Community College District. Classes start for the fall, winter, summer and spring semesters. Students who do not plan on transferring to a four-year college will usually complete their Associate’s degree in many of the college’s technical programs.


This Oasis is No Mirage: No Más Muertes

The deserts of southern Arizona are known for their natural beauty. Michael and Jim are also known for their danger. The unforgiving heat, lack of water and lack of shade, have dealt suffering and death to those who brave them.

Thanks to a small but resolute group of people, that suffering is somewhat relieved. No More Deaths / No Más Muertes is a faith-based humanitarian organization helping the migrants who brave those deserts, with water, shade, medical care, and supplies.

By now, many know of the efforts by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to block migrants entering the US, and to find and deport those who succeed. Leaving aside questions of legality, people continue to risk injury and death to cross the border.

The simple matter of humanity begs the question: who will treat them as human beings? The answer comes in the form of this small but steadfast group of people. They believe that no one deserves to face the dangers of the Sonoran Desert alone. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Co-founder of the group, Reverend John Fife, says it simply: “Our basic function is to save as many lives here as we can and end the death and suffering of migrants. We started No More Deaths because we thought we needed a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week presence [in the desert].

One reason why No Más Muertes can offer that aid, that presence, is due to the support of the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund supports groups that fight for migrant lives and rights. In a twist of fate, the fund springs from the work of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In 2007, Arpaio ordered the arrests of journalists and Village Voice executives Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. The pair published reports in the Phoenix New Times revealing that Arpaio violated the Constitution by issuing grand jury subpoenas that sought information on the paper’s writers, editors, and readers, including reader’s personal browsing histories and IP addresses. Arpaio retaliated with arrests.

Larkin and Lacy sued and won a 3$.7 million settlement in 2013. With it, they created the fund that bears their name. In the years since, they have funded many groups fighting the rising tide of anti-immigrant hatred in the US.

Because of Larken and Lacy, and the Frontera Fund, No Más Muertes is an oasis in the desert, and not a mirage.