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Troy McQuagge – Leading USHEALTH Group Towards Success

Troy McQuagge is one of the most successful business executives in the United States and currently, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. The insurance industry of the United States is filled with many different insurance companies fighting it out to dominate the market, but there are only a few companies that can consistently deliver on the promises it makes to the consumers. One of the leading health care and medical insurance firms in the United States is USHEALTH Group, which offers a broad range of insurance products to the consumers.

The insurance products provided by USHEALTH Group are not only affordable but crafted to ensure that the end users can get maximum coverage with the possibility of personalizing it if needed. Flexibility is highly necessary for the insurance products so that people can buy what they need and shed off what they don’t require the insurance coverage. It ensures that people are only paying for what is essential for them without the host of other features that are potentially useless or not applicable on them. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Troy McQuagge as the CEO of USHEALTH Group has been able to craft insurance products in such a way that the end users have the full power on what they pay for the insurance product they buy and the features that these insurance products would contain. USHEALTH Group is also keen on passing the first dollar benefits to the customers, which helps even the low-income families to buy insurance for them. Troy McQuagge  US Health says that insurance should be affordable and easily available and it is what has been his priority from the time he joined USHEALTH Group in 2010.

One of the first things he did after joining as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group was to restructure the business model followed by USHEALTH Group. It helped the company to become more flexible in its approach and towards its marketing policy so that it can penetrate the market flawlessly and reach out to a wider audience. So far, USHEALTH Group has sold its insurance products to over 15 million customers, which is a significant achievement. The company has a collective experience of over 50 years in the insurance industry, and it can be seen in the kind of quality insurance products it offers.

The leadership of Troy McQuagge has worked wonders for USHEALTH Group as well. For his long list of achievements at USHEALTH Group, he was given the award for being the best CEO of the year 2017 at the One Planet Awards, an award that honors corporate excellence. Hundreds of other companies and executives participate in this award, and winning such a competitive title has definitely bought name and fame for Troy McQuagge USHealth as well as USHEALTH Group. More info here:



Majority of Southerners Support Increased Education Spending

A recent large-scale poll illustrates just how much people in the South support public education. After results of The Education Poll of the South were analyzed, it was found that 84% of the respondents believe that the state should adjust school funding to achieve more parity between communities. Additionally, 57% of respondents were willing to trade off tax increases for increasing spending in education.

There were 2,200 total respondents from across 12 states. The poll was given by a group of seven nonprofit and nonpartisan organizations associated with education.

Across the country, isolated urban areas (think Manhattan and the wealthiest parts of California’s Bay Area and Los Angeles) and affluent suburban regions are relatively well-funded, have students who come from well-education families, and have strong parental participation. Just miles away, there are districts where single parents are struggling to get food on the table, kids come to kindergarten without strong foundations, and drop-out rates are high.

This is just as true, if not more so, in the South. States have high-performing districts like those in the Atlanta suburbs and low-performing schools in rural communities and downtrodden urban areas.

It seems that citizens are recognizing the fact that specific communities may need varying levels of support, especially in terms of financing a system that can attend to the needs of the students.

It remains to be seen whether the study’s findings will be reflected in the polls and whether a change in governing can lead to improvements in student achievement. What is known, though, is that the problem of inequity is an established one, and that many would be supportive of increased efforts to raise education spending.

Ted Bauman on The Connection Between Success and Time Management

Since 2013, writer and asset protection expert Ted Bauman has worked as the editor for Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter with Banayan Hill Publishing. Prior to becoming a full-time writer and editor, Ted Bauman led a career that spanned 25 years in South Africa, working as a fund manager in the nonprofit division, where he helped to arrange increased funding for low-cost housing projects. Over the course of his career in South Africa, Mr. Bauman had the pleasure of working with a number of world-renowned institutions, including the World Bank and the United Nations. He also attended the University of Cape Town, where he garnered two postgraduate degrees. He returned to the United States in 2008, taking a directorial position with Habitat For Humanity, staying with them until 2013, when he joined Banyan Hill Publishing, becoming a full-time author and researcher. His career path has taken him to over 75 countries, and he recently co-authored a book with his father, Robert Bauman, who is a former United States Congressman. Today, Mr. Bauman, along with his wife and daughter, live in Atlanta, GA, where he works predominately from his home office.

Stressing the importance of time management, Ted Bauman usually begins his workday immediately after taking his daughter to school. Because he works from home in his basement office, he enjoys the fact that he does not have to deal with the rigors of Atlanta traffic, enabling him to maximize his time. He feels that his best work is generally done first thing in the morning, so he tends to tackle his most difficult tasks at this time, making sure not to become distracted by the goings-on outside his office. While he doesn’t necessarily consider himself the greatest time manager, he has consistently made a habit of sticking to his schedule – a practice that has been very fruitful throughout his career.

As a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, it is Ted Bauman’s job to bring his ideas to life, using his veteran narrative skillset to craft articles that will be both, informative and engaging. In order to do this, he implements a strategy of utilizing real-world examples, while covering essential topics that draw the reader in. Because the relationship between Mr. Bauman and his readers is of such great importance, being that they rely on him to produce fact-based information that can potentially affect the trajectory of their financial portfolios, he pays close attention to trends.

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Inspiring Teachers Making a Difference

Stop for a moment and think about the teachers that inspired you to keep giving your best. Day after day, they were there encouraging you to keep trying. Perhaps, it was the high-school-science teacher who helped you construct your first rocket that inspired your astronomy career. it may have been your junior-high-social-studies teacher who made you believe in yourself because of his constant praise at a time when you felt less than confident. Across the United States, LRNG Innovators starts out each year to look for the most innovative teachers.

John Legend, director of LRNG Innovators, announced the ten 2017 winners for the third year of the program. Each educator is then charged with sharing the word about their program. Winners include:

Let ‘Em Shine- Students attending the Albemarle County Public Schools are encouraged to make their own digital monuments showcasing the people of Charlottesville, Virginia. Students can choose from a variety of digital formats ranging from slides to songwriting.

Making A Future for All: Connecting Passion To Profession- Students attending middle school in Bath County Middle School in Owingsville, Kentucky, are encouraged to create a multimedia project about a career they want to pursue. Students will work with high school students to create a presentation to show to elementary students.

Philly School Media Network: With the support of paid journalists and writing teachers, students attending Edison High School, George Washington Carver High School and Henry C. Lea Elementary School will be encouraged to let their voices be heard about issues affecting Philadelphia.

Green is the New Pink: Girls in grades 8 through 11 will choose a citizen-science project that they will work on throughout the year. The projects created by students in Oxford, Mississippi, will then be presented on the University of Mississippi campus.

OneCity Stories: Students in Saint Louis’ Gateway Writing Project will connect with other students crossing neighborhood boundaries to prove that students are more alike than they are different. Students will present their work at various venues across the city.

Choice and Voice: Students in the rural Bastrop, Texas, school district will participate in the Heart of Texas writing project to write Wiki-type articles showcasing Bastrop.

The Word On Nick Vertucci And His Real Estate Career

Nick Vertucci is one of the most successful real estate artists in the entirety of the United States, and is the founder, owner, and operator of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

The Background Of Nick Vertucci, Prior To His Recent Success

Real estate legend Mr. Vertucci, unfortunately, experienced his very own father passing away at the too-young age of 10. When he turned 18, Mr. Nick Vertucci was living out of his van – at least he owned a motor vehicle – and his life wasn’t doing well. Mr. Nick Vertucci soon started his very own business selling computer parts, and reported that he loved having the freedom of running his own business.

Selling computers, he was doing very well up until the turn of the millennium, in 2000, when the famous dot-com speculative bubble burst. It was then when almost all of his finances began dissolving, and virtually all went away in the span of just one-third of one day.

He was not at all prepared for his life as a loser, again, as he had been when he was just eighteen years of age.

Things Started To Turn Around And Face Forwards For Mr. Vertucci

One of Mr. Vertucci’s lifelong friends encouraged him to attend a training seminar held by a real estate guru. He was able to turn his life around with the real estate skills that he learned while at the seminar. Nick knew that it was his time to learn as much as he could, and because his weekend was essentially “wasted” because it was entirely devoted to the real estate seminar, he knew that he should take as many notes as he could and listen closely.

After this seminar, Mr. Nick Vertucci was able to turn his career around by getting into the field of real estate. Ever since, he’s poured his entire working career into the world of real estate, and has done very well for himself.

Mr. Vertucci currently gives tons of talks, very similar to the one that he sat through that weekend in 2000 as his friend’s guest, around the nation that helps people succeed in real estate.

Law Schools See Rise in Applications

The Law School Admission Council recently released statistics showing that the number of applicants for law schools rose significantly. The number of applications for the upcoming year was almost 11% higher, as of January of 2018, than it was at the same time in 2017.

Also supporting that data is the fact that 27.9% more LSAT tests were taken in December of 2017 than in December of 2016.

Some professionals in the industry see this positive trend as reflective of the current climate. The U.S. job market is relatively healthy, and young people now feel fairly confident about what their career prospects could be with a law degree in hand. These upticks in applications have also happened in the past, generally a few years after an economic slowdown. Once things begin to bounce back after a recession, people start considering graduate school as a practical step in advancing their careers.

The headlines involving the important role that lawyers and judges have been playing in politics and business affairs may also affect the number of law school applications. Both Democrats and Republicans may be able to see themselves going to work for the government, nonprofit organizations, corporate firms, and as general counsel where they can fight for the type of people they identify with. Young people who are passionate about making a difference and creating real change can do so in the legal field.

To help potential students afford advanced education, many law schools are using scholarships and tuition discounts to attract their top applicants. Public and private schools are trying to boost their numbers and the quality of their student body through these incentives, and many future lawyers are gladly accepting the extra assistance.

Educating Engineers Across All Fields

The United States is in the midst of an infrastructure crisis. The nation is also in the midst of an innovative boom in the digital sphere. Educators, investors and urban planners see a need for engineers in fields beyond technology, some going so far as to redefine exactly what a software engineer might be – and they don’t think “engineer” is the best term.

In a recent Forbes piece Marilyn Wait, a civil and environmental engineer, and Connie Bowen, who works with venture capitalists, argue that “When ‘engineers’ are mentioned in the startup world, people tend to mean ‘software engineers’… confusing coding with software engineering and software engineering with physical engineering. We need to stop confusing the term engineer with a computer programmer or coder.”

This miscategorization can confuse students who are interested in pursuing physical engineering degrees, causing them to think that the only kinds of engineers are those who build apps, wear casual clothes and make millions of dollars. In reality, the market is open for those with physical engineering degrees simply because of a failing infrastructure and the need to innovate in the physical world. Waite and Bowen point to several physical world startups in agriculture, bioplastics and cold-plasma technology. These innovations can help secure a safe and stable food supply and can improve recycling strategies.

Sebastian Turbot, former curator of the World Innovation Summit for Education, also sees a need for creative entrepreneurs within real-world scenarios. For urban centers to thrive and make use of new technologies, city planners and civil engineers must receive an education that rewards collaboration, emphasizes critical thinking and questioning, deductive reasoning and real-world applications of mathematical knowledge. Fostering a U.S. education system that achieves these goals can solve future infrastructure challenges and channel young talent into all areas of engineering.

Lime Crimes Plushies

Lime Crime has recently, only barely a month ago, released an Instagram post announcing their new product.

Plushies” is thought to possibly be a more subtle shade, rather than the more vibrant of the rest of their line. This is shown to be a lip tint, and one that is put down as “Soft Focus Lip Veil” on the product in the picture. It for this reason is believed this entire line will be a bit more subtle and muted than the rest of the brands image.

Currently on Lime Crimes site you can find twelve shades of this lip tint, all of more neutral coloring but with some popping colors like grade jelly, gum drop, and more. This color set may not shimmer but it certainly does pop out at the eye, while still looking natural on the lips. They smell as good as the color names sound, and are completely kiss-proof.

This particular set of swatches goes on rather gentle, but you can build it as you please for higher intensity. Either way you’ll find it stays on all day due to it drying fully on the lips, but still leaving them moisturized. I, personally, find mattes have trouble staying on due to dryness alone at times.

For these shades, as many as there are, the best bet you can make with your makeup is to make less more. With these shades you’ll find light shades of a neutral eyeliner and maybe a splash of color on the cheeks will look best. This isn’t the best time to pull out the make-up you prefer for clubbing! Think more first date, or interview. What swatches you choose will depend on the shade, but nudes and neutrals are the name of the game.

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Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a mathematician who has been with the Georgia Institute of Technology as a Professor of Mathematics in Atlanta since 1996.

He mentors both doctoral students and pre-doctoral students, many of whom have gone on to top graduate programs and prestigious positions both in the industry and academically. He has also mentored over 10 postdoctoral students during his career.

His mentor Walter Phillip guided him while he earned his doctorate of philosophy in 1987 at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; after graduating the continued doing research together and have received awards for their work.

His thesis was about the topic of Banach Spaces and their area of probability. Banach spaces are complete normed vector spaces. While his work after graduation has had a heavy focus on harmonic analysis, which depicts signals and functions as basic waves, he has also worked with ergodic theory and probability among other subjects.

After graduation, he held posts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Louisiana State University. While working with Walter Philipp at the University of North Carolina, they presented their joint proof of the central limit theorem which states that random variables’ sums tend to form a normalized bell curve. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

From 1989 to 1996 he practiced mathematics at Indiana University where he was given a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Science Foundation and studied the Hilbert transform.

The Hilbert transform was solved by Lacey and Christoph Thiele and they were presented with the Salem Prize for their work in 1996. This award is highly coveted and has been given to many recipients who have gone on to earn a Fields Medal in their fields of expertise.

Michael Lacey was given a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004 for his work with Xiaochun Li and in 2012 the American Mathematical Society accepted him as a fellow.

He has also directed training grants such as Vertical Integration of Research and Education and Mentoring Through Critical Transition Points awards through the National Science Foundation.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

Virginia Public School Sports Bill Fails

On Monday, the Virginia House Education Committee tied a vote on House Bill 496, effectively killing the bill. Nicknamed the “Tebow Bill”, the legislation would have allowed home-schooled students to compete on public school teams.

The bill was introduced by Delegate Robert Bell on January 8. It was adapted from a virtually identical bill, HB 1578, that Bell introduced in January 2017. The previous version passed the state Senate and the House, but was vetoed by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe in February 2017. In is latest incarnation, the bill was referred to the House Education Committee where the committee voted 11 to 11 over reporting the bill. Since the twelfth member of the committee, Delegate Glenn Davis, was not present to break the tie, the bill effectively died in committee.

The bill received its nickname from Tim Tebow, a former NFL quarterback who began his career as a homeschooler playing for a local public high school in Florida. Tebow’s ability to play was based on Florida’s Craig Dickinson Act, a piece of legislation that allowed homeschooled children to play on the teams of public schools in their district.

Robert Bell decided to introduce similar legislation in Virginia in 2005. However, the different iterations of the bill have never been able to both pass through the Virginia General Assembly and be signed into law by the governor. Bell stated that since home-schooled students are allowed to take some classes in public schools, they should also be admitted onto sports teams. However, Governor Ralph Northam’s office announced that they opposed the bill, indicating that it would likely be vetoed if it passed the House and Senate.

In Virginia, individual localities are able to decide if they will allow homeschooled students to play on their public school teams. The Virginia High School League, Virginia’s main sanctioning organization for interscholastic athletic competition, has banned homeschooled students from competition.