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Critics on both sides riled by Trump education pick

Prominent education figures on both the left and right have raised concerns about Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald J. Trump’s presumptive nominee for Secretary of Education, as she comes closer to confirmation hearings.


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Trump announced his attention to appoint DeVos to lead the department, which provides funding and oversight to American schools and universities. DeVos, a billionaire by virtue of her marriage to Amway heir Richard DeVos, has been a prominent advocate for education reform in her home state of Michigan.


Among DeVos’ efforts have been a push for more charter schools – publicly-funded, privately-run educational institutions – and drastic changes to the employment terms and the pay rates of teachers and other educators.


These reforms, many of which were enacted after Rick Snyder was elected Michigan Governor in 2010, have been fiercely opposed by teachers’ unions. Charter schools are typically exempt from the strong contracts that organized labor has negotiated with public schools, a policy that is anathema to teachers’ unions.


After Trump’s plan to nominate DeVos was announced, teachers’ unions predictably howled. However, The Washington Post reports that opposition to the DeVos nomination has also come from prominent school choice activists.


Many are worried that DeVos will make school choice policies synonymous with her brand of conservative Republican ideology and make charter schools and other educational innovations less popular in urban areas, which have seen dramatic growth in the number of charters in recent years.

The Career Accomplishments of USHEALTH Group’s Troy McQuagge

The chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, was recently honored by being named as the CEO of the Year during the highly esteemed One Planet Awards. The award is international, and it acknowledges business and professional accomplishments in various sectors across the globe. Companies from all parts of the world are allowed to present their nominations. The qualified firms include private and public enterprises, profit and nonprofits, as well as well-established and start-up businesses. The sections that are recognized by the One Planet Awards include executives, emerging products and services, teams, marketing, PR, and corporate communication.

Mr. McQuagge was hired by the company in 2010, and he stated by reconstructing its confined supply unit, USHEALTH Advisors. His excellent performance in the restructuring of the agency facilitated his appointment as the President and CEO of the firm in 2014. Troy’s term in office has been successful since the company has grown significantly, and its profits have increased despite the stiff competition in the health insurance business. He said that he was happy to be recognized by the One Planet Awards as a top performer in the industry. McQuagge dedicated the award to all the employees of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. According to him, the honor was evidence that the company was devoted to addressing problems such as availability of healthcare to its clients by offering them excellent coverage as they need more health services.

The USHealth Group, Inc. is a leading insurance firm that operates from Ft. Worth, Texas. The company is devoted to offering excellent medical coverage for people who are self-employed and proprietors of small enterprises. It has an aim of utilizing the talents of the employees and representatives to sell viable and lucrative insurance solutions while offering outstanding customer services.

Troy McQuagge also sits on the USHEALTH Group’s board of directors. He has been serving as the head of the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America since he was promoted to CEO of the company. Mr. McQuagge started his profession in 1983 by working for the Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he moved to the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. Troy was then appointed by the UICI insurance firm, UGA, to serve as its president. His tenure was successful, and the company made a historical sales record in one year. UICI was later divested in 2006, and it was renamed HealthMarkets. Troy was made the head of the company’s sales and marketing activities for the self-employed people. He became president of the firm in 2007 and facilitated its Agency Marketing Group (AMG)to make sells of more than $1 billion. The Stevie Awards and the Selling Power Magazine acknowledged the AMG as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year. McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida, and he graduated in 1983 with a B.A degree.

Exceeding in alternative investment with Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ascendant Capital LLC is a man of multiple expertise in different fortes. He is one of the leading alternative asset fund sponsors and investment advisors. He graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and had intensive expertise on diversified areas including but not limiting to financial structuring, marketing, education, sales and operational services. He is now working with a dedicated team of 30 investment specialists in his firm and helping hundreds of businesses by finding the best available financial opportunities for them from the market both home and abroad.

Jeffry has an innovative approach in dealing with a diversified clientele that comprises family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and registered investment advisors. He works with different clients and assists them in every aspect of their business that starts from diligence survey, product development, funding, developing marketing and promotion strategies and so on. With his intuitive approach, he has managed to help hundreds of businesses and raised almost $1 billion on behalf of the managers. The fund he raises are used to purchase different ventures, and now they are planning to keep up the fund-raising momentum with $50 million targets on a monthly basis.

In addition to Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry is also the founder of Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management through which he started entrepreneurship career. Before this, he also served in key positions in different organizations such as Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney. While working there, he developed the skills to deal with fund managers from various sectors which became one of his biggest strength. Even now days, when he deals with the investors, Jeffry always gives them guidance on dealing with individual fund managers. According to him, investors should look for pro-active fund managers who are also willing to invest the same fund and work aggressively to maximize their profit.

Right now, Jeffry is looking forward to developing new financial solutions that would best fit the need of the organization. While the economy is in huge turmoil, Jeffry is quite confident that there are plenty of scopes in the alternative path. That is why; he has been advocating and motivating investors to diversify their portfolio and look into different sectors. Along with his intensive expertise on alternative investment and 24-year experience, he has made Ascendant Capital LLC into a unique boutique firm that can help any business to better manage their low debt and secure income within a very short time.

Jeffry’s leadership skill not only limits to his clients but also in his office as well. He strongly believes that strong and transparent culture is the key behind a successful workforce. In addition to business, he is involved with a number of social and philanthropic causes such as Cherokee Home for Children; God Loves We Deliver, the Gazelle Foundation, and Wonders and Worries. He is hardcore health fanatic, loves to eat healthy food and spend time in outdoor activities i.e. marathon.

A quick insight into Jason Halpern and his works as JMH principal

JMH Development is a company dealing with real estate. It has a vast experience as owners and developers of commercial and residential properties throughout the United States of America. JMH Development is known for developing unique properties in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Miami Beach.


Jason Halpern was born on 1st January 1975. In 2010, Jason Halpern began administering JMH Development which is a family business. Jason is a real estate developer. The company is committed to constructing quality and unique buildings. In addition to this JMH Development firmly believes in the preservation of historic buildings this is evident by the work it does on the restoration of historic properties.


Since Jason Halpern is well versed in real estate matters, he ensures that JMH Development company adheres to all development process stages. These development stages are; to strategize and conduct due diligence, to site and coming up with a design, to build, brand and sell. Jason Halpern as the Principal of JMH Development has led the company in the construction of the following state-of-the-art projects;

Jason Halpern lead JHM Development to the process of turning a cass Gilbert- designed waterfront warehouse constructed in 1913 into a 340 luxury rental apartments. The peculiar attributes of 184 Kent Brooklyn include its proximity to the shopping area and restaurants as well as the dazzling spectacle of Manhattan. The building was awarded in the category of Adaptive use in 2011.


Originally it was the historic motel Ankara located in Miami. Principal Jason in announcing the topping off of the Aloft South Beach on 25th September 2014 said that the Topping off marked a huge milestone in the construction process. The topping off also signaled the start of the next process as JMH progressed towards the completion works and the opening of the Aloft South Beach. The JMH Development has transformed this historic motel into a unique structure by constructing a new tower that will ensure the Hotel will be in a position to offer other amenities and at the same time increase the sizes of the rooms.


As principal of JMH Development Jason ensured that the JMH remained committed to its culture of historic preservation. This commitment was evident when Jason led JMH Development in remodeling historic town-homes in cobble hill and in addition to that, constructed other homes, this is how the Townhouses of Cobble Hill came into existence. The townhouses have remarkable features as well as finishes and the architectural design was made by one of the best architects.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

In conclusion, it is evident that with Jason as Principal, JMH has a track record of restoring historical structures. Through his stewardship, JMH Development company is committed to constructing buildings of the highest quality, adhere to all stages of development processes, come up with unique, luxury and well-positioned properties across the United States of America.


Technology and Education Get Along Great in Oregon

The State of Oregon is emerging as one of the most progressive in terms of incorporating technology into education. According to a recent article published by state newspaper The Register-Guard, a tech firm based in Eugene is preparing to implement various tech initiatives to augment education across Oregon’s public school system.


Concentric Sky is the name of the Eugene firm that is working with Collective Shift, a Chicago company dedicated to education technology under the auspice of the McArthur Foundation. The first collaboration between Concentric Sky and Collective Shift in Oregon will be named Cities of LRNG, and it will boost learning through gamification.


The Oregon education project is inspired by two classic computer games: SimCity and Civilization. Modified versions of these titles will be developed for the purpose of getting young learners interested in educational opportunities as well as community service. The games will connect them with non-profits, mentors and support groups operating at the municipal level.


As young learners become more involved with the game, the gamification kicks in to keep them engaged and interested. Learners will be able to earn badges, points and digital achievements. Eventually, the badges turn into real-life credentials similar to those issued to students who complete Microsoft courses. These digital certificates, which were developed with the assistance of the Mozilla Foundation, can be embedded in resumes.


Although there is intrinsic value in transforming educational certificate into digital badges, the primary intent is to make them more attractive to prospective students and job seekers in Oregon.


How Evolution of Smooth Is Changing The Game

When it comes to lip balm products, there are hundreds of brands on the market today. This industry is jam packed with some of the best, mediocre, and the worse oral care products, but there are many hidden gems waiting to explode. Evolution of Smooth is one of those hidden gems and it has consistently moved up the ladder of success. The brand can be purchased at many major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Well, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Amazon, Lucky Vitamin, and many more. Evolution of Smooth ( has now become the bet selling lip balm in the country ahead of Burt’s Bees and Chapstick. The brand has only been around since 2009, but it’s huge imprint on society is well beyond it’s years. Many of the most famous being today such as Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Lupita Nyong’o have all been spotted with the cylindrical spheres in hand.

Flavors, flavors, and more flavors is what the consumer will receive since everyone likes to have a little sweetness gracing their lips. If you love flavorful lip balms check out these below:

The brand also stands out with how effective it is. EOS lip balm is all-natural, paraben and gluten free as well. Being loaded with antioxidants adds to the positive effectiveness and healing prowess much more efficiently than chemically laced products. The future of lip care seem to be in great hands at present time and with such growth comes expansion. Evolution of Smooth has ventured into the lotion and shaving cream market which will further boost it’s prominence, distinction, and sales. For more product information, check out the EOS Facebook page.


Special Education Sparks Legal Conflict in Connecticut

A ruling issued by the Connecticut Superior Court in November has prompted a legal standoff between state and federal officials.


The United States Office of Special Education Programs recently reached out to the Connecticut Education Commission and issued a warning about how the state courts handled a case involving access to special education programs.


According to a recent report published by the Hartford Courant, the federal government believes that Connecticut intends to minimize the depth of educational services rendered to special needs children. The Superior Court ruling questioned the funding of programs that “try too hard” to provide special education to children whose prospects of traditional education are minimized due to disabilities.


The federal government argues that the Connecticut ruling, which calls for new standards of funding for special education programs, could be considered to be exclusionary. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) insists on the full participation of children who live with disabilities in traditional classrooms; in other words, schools must accommodate and integrate special needs children instead of choosing how little they should spend to provide special education separately.


In a letter to Connecticut education officials, the federal government clarified that children with disabilities may require academic programs that call for more funding than traditional education; this is one of the provisions of IDEA. The judge who issued the controversial ruling has explained that the poorest children in Connecticut should benefit from educational funding that shall not be taken away by special education programs.


How Does White Shark Media Garner Positive Reviews?

White Shark Media is an incredible company that has built a brand based on fine customer service, and they have beautiful reviews online that help customers learn the nature of the firm. The customers who see positive reviews of the firm online know what they will find when they must contact the company, and they will quite enjoy the company as they create better websites and marketing. This article explains how White Shark Media does such a lovely job with their customers. They have built a reputation that will change the face of their industry, and they are growing every day on the strength of great service.


#1: The Service Is Personal


Personalized customer service is a hallmark of what goes on at White Shark Media, and they have a large staff that looks in on customers at all times. They are comfortable ensuring customers are receiving proper communications, and they have shown their competition that personal service is a must. They learn quite a lot about their customers, and they ensure every customer feels heard. Customers who are offering input to the company will be more pleased with their results, and they will find it easier to work with the company.


#2: What Does The Company Do?


White Shark helps customers build their websites, SEO programs and marketing. They help customers gain more traction online, and they show customers how simple it is to make their brand name more popular. They are looking at a professional method to build up the customer, and they want the customers to see the results online. Customers may do web searches to see their businesses receiving more hits, and they may review their websites before they go live.


#3: How Long Does The Service Last?


Every company that hires White Shark Media may keep their relationship open for as long as they like. They may create a new website, or they may monitor the website for the client. There are quite a few options on the table for the customer, and they may change their mind at any time. White Shark is flexible, and they want their customers to feel as though changes may be made.


#4: Planning For Services


Customers who leaves for White Shark often remark on the planning that goes into the work on their websites. They are happy to see the company works hard to ensure the site is beautiful, and they are privy to the plan while it is in action.


Customers love White Shark Media because they know the firm will offer the finest services possible. The company is known for how well it looks after customers, and they will continue to offer proper service to every new client.


Find out more about White Shark Media:

Students Seeing Poetry as the “Universal Language”

Former teacher Diane Luby Lane felt that classic poetry is for everyone, not just the elite, and that teenagers deserved some exposure to it. She was tired of lesson plans that excluded the great poets and dumbed down poetry and literature to kids.


So she developed a curriculum in which students select a classic poem, then write their own response to it. Now Lane’s poetry curriculum is taught at over 100 public high schools in California and meets Common Core standards. In 2006, her efforts led to an organization called Get Lit, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that Lane runs as executive director. The students have a chance to read their work at the organization’s Classic Slam. Some students have even been published in a book called Get Lit Rising: Words Ignite. Claim Your Poem. Claim Your Life.


Poetry can have value for kids who are going into math and science fields, as well as those going into the arts. Scientists at the U.K.’s University of Exeter found that poetry stimulates parts of the brain linked to memory. Poetry also helps us reflect on ourselves, leading to better decision-making


The publisher of Get Lit Rising says that its published poets come from diverse backgrounds and include students with mental illness and eating disorders, as well as those who are homeless or have family members in jail. Poetry is definitely for everyone. As William Hazlitt wrote, “Poetry is the universal language which the heart holds with nature and itself.”


Stepping Up Pre-School

Summer is drawing to a close and parents across the country are preparing to send their students back to school. Many of them are doing so with a sense of excitement, but many parents are concerned about the education that their children are receiving. Although it is common for parents and student’s to place a great deal of focus on the quality of education at the higher levels, often we fail to realize the importance of education at the beginning stages like Preschool.


According to a recent article written by Lillian Mongeau and published by The Atlantic Magazine, New York City public schools are attempting to professionalize early education and build a model for the rest of the nation. Back 2013, the city began to introduce 16,000 preschool students and 2,000 new teachers because as Josh Wallack, the deputy chancellor of New York City’s Department of Education put it “We believe that preschool is an integral part of the public-school system and public school should be universally available because every child can benefit from it, therefore, preschool should be universal.”


The idea is not simply to offer pre-school to all children that are of age, but to offer top-quality preschool to all. Part of the process has been to ask veteran teachers of smaller public schools to change their classrooms and to “step-up their teaching” in an effort to improve the overall quality of the education program. The classrooms themselves are now also being held to the standards of the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale.


According to The Atlantic’s website, “This story is the fourth in a series about public preschools that will wrap by examining the political future of preschool. The first story, about how little the U.S. invests in young children, can be found here. The second story, about how Boston’s preschool success is “percolating up” to later grades, can be found here. The third story, about the lessons to be learned from Head Start, can be found