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Since the inception of the information era, businesses are always using simple passwords to allow safe access to the firm data. However, in today’s breach of information, passwords are slowly becoming an insufficient way of guarding crucial information. The security experts responding to the data leaks and the password dumps are finding new ways to lower the effect of this domineering threat.

The time for the biometric technologies to offer security is now. Biometrics focus on “what you are” unlike the “something you know “passwords. Biometrics have two significant categories.

The physiological biometrics involve anything from voice to fingerprints, iris and facial pattern recognition, heartbeat while the behavioral biometrics include elements like hand tremor, left/right handedness, keystroke dynamics and navigation patterns. Because biometrics lack the automatic distinctiveness feature offered by the physiological techniques. These reasons are not primal as a form of authentication. Otherwise, these strategies are used compounds with the other information, for example, the device data or physiological biometrics, such as IP or hardware aspects.

Whereas most businesses are embracing the biometrics as a form of authentication, the technology has ways to go to attain a mainstay in the business industry. Its developers have to devise ways to that make the technology simpler to use and arrive at the right balance between needing “something you are” versus “something you know.”

Onelogin arrives at the right balance. Onelogin, Inc is the cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) provider, which aims at selling its services to business and other companies. The firm’s visions are to utilize the IAM to secure user entrance or access to devices and applications, lower the information technology time on user offboarding and onboarding and boost the end user productivity via single sign-on.

About 70 SaaS vendors and 300 app vendors use the Toolkits from OneLogin’s Open Source SAML to ensure that their apps are more secure. Onelogin assimilates with several cloud applications like Namely, RemedyForce, and WorkPlace by Facebook.

OneLogin was created by the two brothers Christian and Thomas Pedersen in 2009. The brothers were first involved with Zendesk, the on-demand application for help desk, before coming up with the OneLogin.

Futurist Jason Hope

It is very fitting for a man like Jason Hope to bear the last name that he has. With everything that he has accomplished so far, many people are quick to say that he has and will continue to provide hope for his fellow people for now and towards the future. Jason, unlike a lot of well-known figures, is a jake of all trades and master of them as well. Jason Hope has many titles attached to his name such entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor just to name a few.

Jason Hope has done more for people than can ever be repaid for. He has dedicated his precious time and money with a love for technology and giving back to those who need it most, and those who are helping push forward for the better sake of our nation. To better understand how Jason Hope has managed to become the success of a man he is today, we will look a little closer at his background and how he grew into what he is now, as well as recap an article on how Jason believes the future lies with the internet of things.


Education & Background

Seeing how well-respected Jason is and how he has managed to be a leading cause in so many good things, it is safe to assume that a man like Jason had a very well-rounded and respected educational background. This could not be any more true with the educational background of Jason Hope. Being based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope earned his educational success from the distinguished Arizona State University. This is where he would jumpstart the successful career he has today, and what Jason Hope knows.

At Arizona State University, Jason unsurprisingly earned a Bachelors of Science in finance as well as an MBA in business in the W.P Carey School of Business from the University. Skillwise, Jason would learn to master the skills of business strategy, business development, start-ups, and entrepreneurship. All of which would without a doubt, be of great use to him once he had a career up and going. Needless to say, Arizona State University prepared him well for a very successful career.

Extreme #cure for #MS reboots immune system – but can be fatal

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) June 13, 2016

Jason Hope & The Internet of Things

In an article titled “Jason Hope On Smart Tech And The Internet Of Things”, Jason Hope makes it very clear that the future lies in the hands of the internet. As a futurist and tech guru himself, Jason firmly believes that there need to be more leading voices in the tech industry. In addition, Jason believes that when it comes to the evolutionary technology and the main mindset behind the Internet of Things, education needs to preach and teach more on embracing technology and a futuristic future if as a nation we want to change the world for the better.



What does David Giertz say about Planning for retirement?

David Giertz Is a financial planner based in Ohio. He went to the University of Miami and graduated with masters in business administration. The former President of National distribution economic sale said that preparing for retirement is associated with both bad and good news. On his explanation, he argued that some begin saving scheme early enough but proper mechanism for doing so thereby rendering their effort futile.

David Giertz came up with three ways of planning with retirement money which is as follows: first and foremost, there is need to evaluate your financial health. This depends on the amount of money you earn, the amount you can directly consume that is what goes directly into food, clothes, health expenses, school fees, etc. and the amount you need to pay off debts in a given duration like a month. This will help you get the fraction saved, the portion to be utilized directly and the part to be pay debt. If expenses out ways your income then either find ways of reducing your costs or get other sources of income that can keep you rich.

Secondly, David Giertz talks of taking advantage of compound interest. He argues that when money is deposited in a bank, it is taxed. The money can be made tax free upon retirement. If you begin collecting money early enough, it builds noncompound interest by adding more money, and therefore you accumulate more money for your retirement. In fact, the more you deposit, the more you have not taxed,

The third way of effective planning is by having a side gig or business. David describes this as a hobby business. The business should run concurrently with the mainstream job or business. For example, you can be an employed teacher earning a salary from the mainstream job, but during your free time, you get engaged in other online games that give you supplementary income.

Based on the three points given by Giertz, we can conclude that for effective planning for retirement, you need to begin early enough, properly evaluate your financial health and as well as getting involved in the business.

What the Archives reveal on Cassio Audi’s Music Career

Cassio Audi is recognized in Brazil for his achievements in the investment industry. However, archives of the country’s music industry tell an exciting story. An in-depth searching reveals that he might have done more for the sector during his teenage years than many comprehend. Read more about Cassio Audi at

The first heavy metal band

The archives reveal that Cassio Audi was one of the founding members of the all-boys rock band, the Vipers. The group was the first heavy metal band in Brazil and Latin America. They not only wrote songs in English, but they also had the power, style, and gusto of the native British heavy metal band members. Cassio and his team promoted the genre in the Latin world and also opened the industry to foreign investment. Read more at about Cassio Audi.

Gifted Songwriter

The Vipers were too organized for their age and dedicated. While the others took on the guitars and the vocals, Cassio Audi spent time writing and arranging songs for the band. During performances, he kept the audience on the floor with his drumming gift. With everyone working hard on their talent, it was not long before the band became the talk of the town.

Fans demand an album

It is common today to see young musicians who have barely started out rushing to produce low-quality records. It was never so with this pioneering team. Cassio Audi and his friends spent their early years improving on their talents. They waited for so long that the fans began asking for an album. According to the archives, they conducted a demo album launch in 1986 instead because they still felt inadequate.

The following year with Casio Audi on the drums, the Vipers produced their first record, The Soldiers of Sunrise. It instantly gained public acceptance in Brazil and beyond. Today, songs such as Knights of Destruction and Signs of the Night remain as a testimony of Cassio’s musical genius.


The Zealous Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a Brazilian rally diver who has dominated the rally driving for a long period of time. Aged 40 years, he has won almost every race he has participated in. Michel Terpins is considered among the fastest in the sport.He was born in Sao Paulo in the year 1979. Michel’s family loved sports and this was an advantage for him because he was acquainted with sports at a young age.

His father was a successful player in basketball and this helped Michel since he and his brother grew up to become successful rally drivers. Terpins was initially in motorcycling races. He loved the races and even participated in the Prestigious Sertoes Rally that was held in the year 2002.He did not win the race but his sharp skills were recognized during the race.This enabled him to become whom he is at this moment.

He, however, did not continue with motorcycling, he chose car rally instead where he worked alongside his brother Rodrigo. They formed a team where they have been members of the Bull Sertoes rally team. They drive a car known as T REX that was developed by a motorsport company referred to as MEM.

He has been successful in the company of his brother since they finished fifth during the twenty- fourth edition of the annual Sertoes rally.During the second stage of the rally, they came first and this has viewed them as victors among many people. Michel and his brother have become very successful.

Michel Terpins has fifteen years of experiencein the car rally driving.He has participated in other many competitions including the Mitsubishi cup and the cross-country rally championship that is normally held in Brazil.The Bull Sertoes rally team has enhanced them to perform harder since it is their own team. This has earned them a name in the rally driving.

This year is vital in Michel’s career as a rally driver since he will be participating for the tenth time in the Sertoes rally. Michel will also be using the T REX for the second time in a row with his brother to participate in the rally. He has shown confidence and courage during his performances.

Government Only Pays Attention To Tuition At For-Profits, But Not Nonprofits

In January of 2017, the United States Department of Education came out with a list of hundreds of colleges that are considered to be failing. These colleges were put on the list because of the fact that the graduates from those schools are charging unreasonable tuitions that an alarming amount of their graduates cannot pay back.

The list particularly focuses on for-profit colleges. It includes a number of schools specializing in graphic design, cosmetology, barbering and lower level health professions. There are also for-profit schools such as University of Phoenix and Kaplan University.

A program run by Harvard has even made it onto this list. The program is called A.R.T. Institute at Harvard University. Each year, the program at Harvard admits two dozen students. It is a two year graduate program that gives students a choice of dramaturgy, voice pedagogy or acting. The average salary that graduates of this program make is $36,000. Students borrow about $78,000 for the degree, and the average two year tuition is $63,000. Owing to the fact that the program is a graduate program, students are allowed to borrow all of their expenses for living from the government—despite the conditions of their credit histories.

This fall, A.R.T Institute at Harvard University decided to pause enrollment, due to the fact that government regulations have put the program’s federal aid eligibility in a compromising position.

The Art Institute is also on the government’s list of failing schools. The Art Institute has no relation to A.R.T. Institute as Harvard University—it is a totally different institution with a name that sounds similar.

The problem is that the government is putting extra attention on for-profit schools while not paying attention to the fact that plenty of nonprofit schools are charging too much money and putting students into more debt than they can afford. There needs to be a change. The government should bring the hammer down on nonprofit schools, as well as for-profit schools.

Startup Rethinks High-Tech Grade Schools

Startup firm AltSchool has announced that they will be closing their Palo Alto branch and cancelling plans for further expansion. The school’s $30,000 tuition price tag has not been enough to offset company losses of $40 million per year. One of AltSchool’s main projects has been developing educational software for children. Founder Max Ventilla says that the company will turn its focus away from opening more schools and concentrate on distributing their software instead.

AltSchool seemed destined for success from the start. After leaving Google in 2013, Max Ventilla was determined to create the ideal high-tech American school. He launched the educational startup in 2014, raising $33 million in venture capital funding. Ventilla’s vision gained further backing in 2015 when he attracted the attention of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. With the support of Zuckerberg and other venture capitalists, Ventilla was able to raise an additional $100 million in funding. Backed by this extra capital, AltSchool set up nine different schools across the United States.

AltSchool attempted to shake up the typical grade school curriculum by integrating technology into everyday education. Students use tablets to sign in to their classes and create new projects. Creativity and software literacy are built into the curriculum. AltSchool classrooms are different from traditional grade schools in that they have no grade levels, but are divided into lower and upper elementary school; older students are placed in the middle school category. Also, students do not use desks, but sit on the floor or in bean bag chairs. Ventilla believed that this hands-on, personalized educational experience would revitalize the field of education. However, after the announced closures, industry experts have acknowledged that Silicon Valley has yet to crack the tough nut of the American school system.

Susan McGalla, a Woman Leader

Gender miscellany is essential for the development and proper progress of every institution and company. Performance is better to enterprises that are open to new ideas, and this can be done by diversifying gender and ethnicity.

Because in many organizations men are on top and high ranking roles, women are often left to lower positions. Some may decide to struggle to be part of the leadership, and those are exceptional women. Susan McGalla is one of the women who refused to be pinned down by gender imbalance. Now, she helps other women get to achieve leadership roles that she came to acquire.

Joining the male-dominated American Eagle Outfitters at a lower rank, McGalla worked hard and smart. It was not a surprise when she landed at the seat of President of the company. After that, she joined several other firms and corporations, and due to her confidence and hard work, she has landed herself on prestigious positions.

Women’s networks have striven to ensure that women leaders are supported and have a chance to share their ideas. They have done their best to prove the capability of women, by giving them opportunities in business. The executive sponsorships can, therefore, remove the gender biases in institutions and companies by creating opportunities for women.

Susan McGalla was born and brought up in a family of men. Her father was a football coach, and she grew up with two elder brothers; and they lived in East Liverpool, Ohio. This life that she had to grow up in forced her to learn that she would always have to struggle and work hard to achieve her desires. When she grew did this practically, doors opened to her. She was also confident, something she learned from her father. Susan is now successful, and she believes that other women can be too.

She went to Mount Union College and graduated with a degree in marketing and business. She is now on the Board of Advisors of the college, and she is also on the boards of the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation; and HFF Inc. She is married to Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager; and is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. She consults clients on talent management and operational efficiencies, among others.

Find out more about Susan McGalla:

Greg Secker, Offering Alternatives in the Financial Career through Forex Trade

Forex trading comes along with its own complexity, making it an even greater fascination to the people interested. Greg Secker clears the air and says that the basics are the most necessary part in understanding forex trading. One of the main fundamental points is being able to note forex indicators and have the solutions for effectively managing the risk at hand. Greg is confident that if determination and the right effort are put into place, huge profits can be easily achieved in the forex market.

Greg Secker assures interested parties that forex trading only requires a minimum period of time to be figured out. With the right type of introduction into the trade, one would be left confident and sure to thrust into the venture. The forex trading centers around making trades and investments based on evolving trends in financial markets globally. For one to thrive into forex trading, education on the matter at hand is definitely a key requirement. Other major aspects to be considered include emulation of a successful mentor, sticking to one trading strategy and keeping one’s emotions off the business. Greg also recommends for realistic goals that can be defined

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Nottingham where he acquired skills in agricultural and food sciences. He later pursued a career path quite different from what he specialized in. During and after his college years, Greg got the opportunity to work with the Thomas Cook Financial services starting as a trading technologist. While at this position, Secker created the Virtual Trading Desk, one of the Internet-based forex trading platforms. This earned him recognition and he became the proud owner of the British Telecom Award.

He left Thomas Cook Financial Services in 2003 to pursue his interest with forex on a full-time basis. A few months later, Greg Secker founded Learn to Trade. With this, he gained financial freedom and sought to pursue what he loved best. His passion for forex trade drove him to showcase excellence in the sector and was a fore wheel in helping others achieve what he had. With Learn to Trade, anyone has the opportunity to be a part of the free market. He has a great team working underneath him to help more individuals to understand and interpret forex indicators.

Gates Foundation Invests Billions to Improve American Education

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is well-known for his philanthropy in the education sector. He recently earmarked an additional $1.7 billion in funding through the Gates Foundation in order to increase the availability of quality education. The primary focus of the investment centers on people of color and low income families. The Gates Foundation plans to utilize the resources in five key areas.

The first part of the plan will focus on collecting quality data. As a technology professional, Bill Gates understands the importance of information analysis in making good business decisions. The key metrics will center around student and teacher performance. The funding will be spent on establishing effective information systems in schools.

The second section of the plan includes offering local school officials control over how programs are implemented in their respective areas. This will create an environment that recognizes that what works well for one school may not flourish everywhere. Resources will then be able to be spent on programs that work best.

The third piece of the plan will focus on improving the curriculum within the schools. An emphasis will be placed on Common Cores standards. Gates points out that teachers have limited effectiveness when they work from poor quality materials. Providing teachers with standardized resources will help to produce better student outcomes.

The fourth concern that will be addressed is improving opportunities for special needs students. The efforts will center around supporting charter schools. Charter schools will receive grants specifically for programs for special needs students.

The final initiative will focus on funding research on the American education system as a whole. The hope is that Americans will come to a better understanding of the problems that students face.

The Gates Foundation will invest heavily in the American education system in the coming years in order to create positive change. Ultimately, the Gates Foundation’s goal is to provide a quality public education to every student regardless of their financial background or race.