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American Sex Education Ill-Equipped for LGBTQ Interests

While it is all well and good to have sex education in schools, even this in-road to alerting the next generation can fall flat when it comes to the needs and interests of homosexual and bisexual youths, especially in curricula that focus on the risk of pregnancy. A group of health professionals were brought together in order to answer some of the questions most commonly asked by LGBTQ youth.


Their advice included: the fact that anal intercourse increases the chances of physical trauma to that area; protection and lubrication should always be used, especially in same-sex female interactions; that the definition of sex was whatever the person felt it was, that it is any sort of contact that strikes a sexual chord in the person and that since the notion of losing one’s virginity is as much a social construct as having sex, it too should be considered to have happened when the person feels it has. The closing message of the group was that no one should be afraid to ask questions; that gaining an education in sexual health should be exciting, interesting and approachable.


While all fifty members of the United States of America teach sexual education in the classroom, there is no single approach to this education. The primary stances taken by states boils down to either being pro-abstinence or a comprehensive approach that informs students about age of consent, different sexualities and the variety of, and effectiveness, of various contraceptive measures like condoms and “pulling out.”


How White SharK Media has Earned Clients’ Confidence

White Shark Media develops proactive online marketing solutions customized to meet the demands and needs of both mid-sized and small firms. It is debatably one of the fastest growing online marketing companies in North America. Its growth originates from the company’s reputation of creating affordable Search Marketing campaigns while availing a world-class client experience. Thousands of Americas’ businesses have registered immense growth and profits by leveraging White Shark’s online marketing tools and tricks. The firm tracks the performance of its clients’ marketing campaigns through keyword-level call tracking, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics Integration, and proprietary reporting software.


Partnerships and prestigious awards


White Shark Media has registered impressive client retention rates since its past three years of continuous growth. Currently, the agency has more than 150 workers who are mastering Display Advertising, Bing Ads, AdWords Search, and Google Analytics. They are spread throughout three nations. In early 2012, Google identified White Shark’s growth and invited its leadership team to the Mountain View California-based Google HQ. Google assigned a special support team to monitor the firm’s growth and offer solutions to its clients’ most pressing challenges.


White Shark worked in close cooperation with Google and earned the high-profile Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership back in July 2014. Google AdWords Partners are an exclusive team of strategic partners that adhere to the Google’s strict qualifications and training requirement. Therefore, securing the partnership is a confirmation of the company’s in-depth expertise. Correspondingly, Microsoft acknowledged White Shark’s incredible record of achievement in marketing campaigns and added it to their exclusive Bings Ads Authorized Reseller Program.




White Shark Media has fostered the growth of many public and private businesses in America. As a sign of appreciation, these businesses have proceeded to upload compliments and positive testimonials online. The firm has acquired more clients through referrals. Most of these compliments highlight the company’s excellence in the provision of services, reliable marketing solutions, timely responses, effective communication, and well-performing AdWords campaign.


A client who runs an engineering service firm commended White Shark Media’s representative (Enam and Jose) for their insights on AdWords campaign monitoring. This client voted the digital agency’s AdWords campaign as the best in the industry. He applauded the firm’s employees for demonstrating the commitment to improve the performance of the campaigns and working as a team.


A Maryland-based client commended White Shark Media for having an in-depth understanding and professional expertise in developing and monitoring the progress of AdWords campaign. The customer explicitly acknowledged White Shark’s representative, Joy, for her timely responses and quality services.



The Overview of IAP Worldwide Company and their Services

IAP Worldwide Inc. is a reputable international firm that has operated for more than 65 years. Based in the Washington D.C, the company provides a broad range of services and remedies to the United States people. Also, they have extended their services to private organizations as well as intercontinental government agencies.

IAP’s services include emergency support services, facility administration services, and technical amenities. It is recognized for providing seasoned management platforms. Moreover, it has incorporated its capabilities to offer innocuous, consistent and innovative solutions. This has allowed the company to meet the diverse and complex needs of its clients in the 27 nations.

IAP Contribution in the U.S Distributed Common Ground System

The company was selected by the U.S Army to support the Distributed Common Ground Systems. They won a contract that was meant to deliver fielding and integrated logistics on IAP Worldwide was also expected to offer Project Manager’s training support for the American Army at Fort Hood, Texas and other parts of the world. Prized at $53 million, the contract incorporated data processing, hardware system works, trainings and warehouse procedures. The firm is committed to solving the nation’s challenges and is passionate to meet their customer’s mission.

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IAP Recently Won a Contract from the US Army

As a leading company in the US, IAP Worldwide received a contract from the NATO Support Agency. This was intended to manage the facilities of the Camp Oqab. The base works with around 250 American Air Force and the Afghan’s natives. It is sited at Kandahar International Airport (KAIA) in the interior of the NATO’s base.

The contract gave IAP the obligation for pest control and management, power generation and waste management. Moreover, they were to take charge of cleaning services in the camp. The contract was established for one year with three years that were optional.

The Managing Director of the G3 Systems Ltd, a subsidiary of the IAP Company in the UK, Peter Gleave is proud of the Firm. He is pleased by the firm’s outstanding reputation through the contract established with the NSPA. He says that the awards will enable them to develop greater procedures at the KAIA to achieve their goals.

Today Worldwide Inc. is acknowledged for employing a vast population of workers in America. Their quest to make changes in the world has led them in seeking talented persons who have a desire for their future success and the whole universe at large. They have endowed their staff with knowledge and resources. This has enabled them to perform their work with safety and in the most efficient way to enhance clients’ engagement.

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OSI Group Has Been Satisfying Customers For Over A Century

OSI Group is an American company that services retail and food industries on an international level. It all began in 1909 when a German immigrant opened a family meat market in Illinois. In 1917, his business was expanded to the wholesale meat business and became known as Otto & Sons in 1928. After several decades, the company had established themselves as a quality local business.

McDonald’s, which opened in 1955, chose Otto & Sons as its first supplier of beef patties. The CEO and the sons of Otto & Sons forged a strong relationship over the years and within a few short years following their deal, McDonald’s became Otto & Sons main business.

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In 1973, flying high on their success, Otto & Sons opened its very first large-scale meat plant and also formed a separate unit, called Glenmark. Glenmark was where they handled non-McDonald’s business. There they handled small local projects, like supplying local restaurants and supermarkets.

In 1975, the company changed its name to OSI Industries and served as McDonald’s exclusive supplier as McDonald’s grew in its size and wealth. As McDonald’s expanded on a geographic level, OSI Industries grew with them.

In 1999, OSI gave Best Chicago Meat Co. the license to use the Glenmark brand. In 2011, Glenmark was fully acquired by Best Chicago Meat. In the same year, OSI Group was named 136th largest private company on a list created by Forbes, with their revenue of $3 billion. In 2016, OSI Group was named #58 on the same list, with revenue of $6.1 billion.

OSI has plants in Illinois, Wisconsin, Utah, and California. They have more than 60 facilities in 16 countries around the globe. Their products include breakfasts, lunches, entrees, snacks or desserts, and side dishes. The company has been rewarded many times over the years for their management of health and safety risks and for how they handle environmental management.

As far as their clients are concerned, OSI goes above and beyond. They will create custom products and go beyond the basics on every order and expectation. They are known as one of the world’s premiere supply chain managers because of their buying power on a global scale and the long standing relationships they hold with the best suppliers in the business.

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OSI has developed numerous processes to create custom products for each and every client. They continuously strive to improve the quality of their products and processes. Their research and development team takes their clients’ ideas and turns them into developed, finished products to create success. OSI works with their clients every step of the way, from in the lab, on the production line, and in the marketplace.

OSI Group believes it is their responsibility to manage their business within social, economic and environmental outlines. They are continuously looking for new ways to improve their sustainability impact. OSI believes that focusing on these three areas makes them a stronger company and a much better partner to their clients, the communities they serve, and the environment.

IAP Worldwide Services’ Varied Commercial and Humanitarian Ventures Worldwide

IAP began offering logistics and procurement services in 1990 as a specialized unit.

The establishment of IAP was the result of a contract to deliver generator items to U.S troops in Saudi Arabia. It then proceeded to play a vital role in supporting the Army during Operation Desert Storm. In 2004, IAP acquired JCWS Inc. and its subsidiary Readiness Management Support to form IAP Worldwide Services.

IAP then proceeded to buy G3 Systems Ltd that provided facilities’ services, deployable and modular systems, fixed infrastructure and other accessory devices to the government and private clients worldwide.To date, IAP continues to provide clients with sustainable emergency services in over 20 nations.

Recently this year, IAP announced its new contract with the US Army to provide training aid on, integrated logistics, and fielding to the Distributed Common Ground System-Army and Project Manager in Texas and global locations. The system is primarily used by the Army to post data, communicate intelligence, conduct surveillance and transmit reconnaissance information. The Rapid Response Third Generation contract automobiles will oversee the tasks.

Rob Hargis, the Vice President of IAP’s national technology and security, stated that IAP has the commitment to solve the toughest public problems with consistent focus and excellent professionalism, Brandon Pugsley, IAP’s senior director, added to say that IAP is thrilled to support the Army Intelligence unit.

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IAP deployed a lot of teams in response to the approaching catastrophe of Hurricane Mathew along the East Coast. Doug Kitani, the CEO and Director of IAP, expressed the continued support of IAP in weather triggered emergencies for the betterment of the community.

IAP was a support of urgency unit in Katrina, Katia, Sandy and other climatic events, by providing power, communication, and other commodities. In 2015, IAP announced the acquisition and integration of DRS Technologies Aviation and Logistics and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions to their firm. The additions would raise IAP’s response to clients and double its services in the addressable market.

The US Navy selected IAP to contribute in a contract worth $900 million, by providing complete military acts and humanitarian services across the world. The contract will end its term in 2024. In 2014, IAP reported the completion of the balance sheet reconstruction under the Restructuring Support Agreement with Kaye Scholer.

Kaye Scholer is a firm that provides legal support to financial organizations, real estate companies, and life science unions.

IAP Worldwide services is a reputable employee that continually seeks to recruit talented and passionate individuals with a need to impact the world.Jobs such as fuel technicality and accountancy can be found and applied for through their portal.


Valued UK Vintners

Where can I buy a good bottle of wine? This question crosses the mind of countless UK residents/visitors every day. Fortunately, one can rely on some well respected UK vintners that work hard to preserve the quality of the wines they sell.

The Society of Vintners: 25 independent companies from around the UK joined together in order to increase their competitiveness in the wine market. One member negotiates with potential suppliers from a particular wine region and then discusses the options with the group. The Society discusses price/quality and decides whether to sell the wines through its member network. In addition to promoting local UK wines, the Society sells wines from France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, and California.

UK Vintners/UKV PLC: This team of fine wine consultants based in London and Surrey helps customers select the perfect wine to suit their taste/event. It offers a wide variety of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian, and Spanish wines, as will as champagnes.

The Vintner: This London wine merchant has a collection of 100 wines, including an impressive selection of dessert and fortified wines. Its website provides food pairing suggestions, and information about wine regions, grapes, and producers.

Viader Vintners: This independent family run wine merchant located in Cardiff was established in 2001. It has wines from over 18 different regions, including Alsace, Beaujolais, Germany, Portugal, South America, and Wales. It offers events, tastings and classes, and advises customers on appropriate wines for special events.

Merchant Vintners ( This group was founded in 1965 and is currently owned by 20 member firms. Its aim is to allow independent family-owned wine merchants to prosper by combining purchases and sharing expertise. Only members are able to view its product list.

A&B Vintners: This Kent wine merchant was established in 1998. It supplies wines from Burgundy, Italy, the south of France, Oregon, the Rhône Valley, Austria and Germany.

Albany Vintners Limited: This fine wine merchant in Cambridge was founded in 2003, and specialises in Bordeaux vintages. It also offers a variety of wines from Burgundy, Champagne, the Rhone Valley, Tuscany, Piedmont, Rioja and Priorat.

The list above is far from exhaustive, and other UK vintners to consider are: McKinley Vintners; Bordeaux Index Limited, Baron Wines, Bon Coeur Fine Wines Limited, City Wine Collection, Coe Vintners, Cult Wines Limited Divine Fine Wines, and Ditton Wines Limited.

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Key Factors That Make Goettl Air Conditioning A Great Success

Since 1939, the Goettl name has been highly regarded and well known within the greater metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. This company was established by the Goettl’s brothers, Adam and Gust in February 1939.

Goettl Air Conditioning provides spectacular installation and other services in heating and air conditioning. Throughout the decades, this company has successfully evolved and prospered throughout the different trending times. They had to undergo transitions and technology changes throughout seven decades to keep up with the demands of their residential and commercial customers. They also have highly trained technicians and staff that provide excellence in technical expertise and customer service.

They have a full range of cooling services for residents, including repair, heat pump and air conditioning installation, replacement, and maintenance. They also have 24/7 emergency service available. Their full range of heating services entail heat pump installation, radiant heating installation and services, and gas and electric furnace installation.

About Kenneth Goodrich

Kenneth D. Goodrich is a veteran and managing partner in the HVAC industry. He purchased Goettl Air Conditioning in December 2012. He successfully built several plumbing and HVAC companies throughout the southwest region of the US for more than 20 years now. He also kept on a key player of Goettl, Dan Burke, as the role of CEO for the company. Burke was previously the president of Goettl Air Conditioning.

With Burke and Goodrich’s expertise and leadership, the company has been recognized for its excellence in heating and air conditioning installation and service. The company recently celebrated their 75th anniversary with special recognition from various prestigious elite for the city of Phoenix and the state of Arizona. This company was also recognized for the 2014 Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce IMPACT Award. In 2015, the Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton, gave praises to the company. And at the 75th anniversary, Governor Janice K Brewer gave special recognition to Goettl Air Conditioning.

Reviews of the Company

There are tons of great reviews for Goettl Air conditioning at Many of these satisfied customers say how good of a job they do. Many of them also say that the company is very professional, and they provide great service.

Goettl Air Conditioning strives to excel the demands of their residential and commercial customers. Most of their customers are return customers who also have recommended their services to others. With their excellence in expertise and customer service and their guarantee, no one would go wrong with this company.

Arizona’s Jason Hope: A Philanthropist With A Vision For A Better Future

Philanthropist Jason Hope supports the SENS Foundation’s anti-aging research, which is not focused on having people live forever, instead, the foundation looks for ways to prevent diseases that prevent individuals from living a full, healthy life. In 2010, Hope donated $500,000 to the foundation because he believes that instead of treating certain illness, we should concentrate on preventing them from occurring in the first place. While Hope has a passion for funding scientific research into disease prevention, he also supports the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation and other causes dear to him.

An Arizona native, Hope grew up in Tempe and went on to earn a finance degree from Arizona State University, and an MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. As a result, he also focuses on charitable organizations in his home state, such as Teach for America Phoenix, an organization dedicated to ensuring Arizona’s children have the educational opportunities that they deserve.

Connect with Jason Hope on LinkedIn:

As a futurist, or one who fervently embraces new technologies, the philanthropy of Jason Hope extends to offering grants on his website to select high school and college students of $500 to $5,000 to jumpstart their technology-related ideas. While Jason Hope does not divulge what type of technology-based ideas he may fund, he has often spoken about The Internet of Things (IOT). When asked out a technophobia and technological doomsday as a result of the IOT, he said it wasn’t possible, despite what we see in movies, since artificial intelligence will probably not have sentience in our lifetime.

Hope’s predictions for IOT include technology that will reduce food waste and connected vehicles that will limit distracted driving and enable car sharing in metropolitan communities by keeping track of multiple drivers. In addition, Hope says that people will stop saying Internet of Things as connected technology will become commonplace.

Don Ressler and the Future of Fabletics

The face of Fabletics is Kate Hudson who is a television personality star but behind her lies two more founders of Fabletics who each play an intricate role. These two men are Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who helped Hudson launch Fabletics in 2013, and in the past three years, Fabletics has matured to one of the top online retailers for active wear.

Don Ressler, one of the founders of Fabletics has always been passionate about fitness. He and his wife were both college athletes and have managed to keep their fitness life going through their adulthood and careers. He and his business partner saw the advantage of starting an athleticwear brand because they noticed in today’s society everybody loves to live comfortably; however, the comfortable clothes were not always the cutest or most fashionable items on the market. Don Ressler met with Kate Hudson and discussed his vision, and began collaborating with her vision to come up with the brand behind Fabletics.

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Recently, Fabletics managed to start the men’s line FL2 which is an athleticwear line for any kind of man. Ressler was happy to announce the release because the women’s line had been so successful, he and his partners wanted to expand that success to the men’s athletic wear. Ressler and his business partners understand the importance and ease o f online shopping in today’s market, but they are well aware that a portion of buyers still likes to purchase clothing in store and have the ability to try the item on before purchase on This was the inspiration behind Fabletics deciding to go in retail stores across the United States. In the past year, they have opened six retail locations, and are planning on opening up more as they see fit.

Ressler is clearly excited about the future of Fabletics and loves to hear the critique about the athletic wear. Over the next year, he hopes to take in people’s concerns and comments about Fabletics and it’s direction to help plan for the upcoming years in the athletic wear industry. With Ressler and Adam’s experience in E-commerce they were able to make the online industry of Fabletics a success, and they happy to carry that on through their stores with the art and design of each individual store. They want to be able to engage the community in every store they open so that people can really see the online experience in stores.

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Clay Siegall and the Impossible Search

Cancer is no laughing matter, and neither is the quest to find a cure for it. Over the last several decades the problem with cancer has simply grown from a rare occasion into a global epidemic, with millions of people inflicted with it annually. There does not seem to be any discernible answer to this problem, other than the usually case of radioactive chemotherapy that is not guaranteed to work. In order to locate an actual cure for this malady scientists, such as Clay Siegall and his staff of highly trained professionals, are meeting the challenge head on with varying results.

Clay Siegall created Seattle Genetics in 1998 as his personal answer to finding a cure for cancer. Siegall has a doctorate degree specializing in cancer research, and has worked nearly all of his life to find a way to end this disease for all time. Seattle Genetics focuses most of its attention on developing new medical solutions and treatments for cancer, developing anti-bodies that can then be converted into Human medications. Siegall and his associates have fought against cancer for many years and while there does not seem to be an answer just yet for him or anyone else there is still hope to reach these goals.

While Siegall seeks to solve the impossible it would seem that with more time and dedication towards these goals that one will eventually be found. This can be contributed to personal vendetta against the illness and as the fight continues those currently suffering from cancer and those who are scared they will soon face it can find at least some peace of mind knowing that there is someone out there who cares enough to find an end to it. This research will require time and energy in order to completely solve, something that Clay Siegall and his employees are more than willing to meet head on for as long as it takes to resolve.