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Talos Energy and Partners: Frontiers in the Zama Oil Discovery.

Talos Energy is a technical operating, independent oil and gas exploration and production company. They acquire most of their assets around and in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. This progressive company was founded in January of 2012. This Houston, Texas based company has recently had explosive success in their many new business ventures.Talos Energy LLC and Stone Energy Corp recently came together to merge all of their stock. Thus, forming a new company known as, Talos Energy Inc. Talos Energy stakeholders will own 63 percent, while Stone Energy holders own the other 37 percent. According to SEC prices, combining these 2 successful companies awarded Talos Energy Inc with 136 millions of barrels of oil equivalent in reserves.

Which, based on this new discovery, probably has increased significantly.Talos Energy is also part of a major Zama oil discovery project, located in block 7 of the Sureste basin, right off the shore of the Port of Dos Bocas in Mexico. Zama-1 well was the first to be drilled and explored after Mexico was awarded their first international license in 2015. In 2017 they discovered an oil-bearing opening. Talos Energy, premier oil and Sierra Oil and Gas are currently negotiating with PEMEX on the appraisal drilling plan. The plan seems to be heading in the right direction with talk of drilling by early 2019.

Talos Energy remains the main operator in the Zama oil project and owns 35 percent interest in block 7. While Sierra oil and gas own 40 percent and Premier oil owns 25 percent.There is a drill ship mobilized and ready to start the temporary suspension of the wells. The permanent abandonment of the wells will be subsequent to their temporary suspension. However, government approval is needed for the field abandonment and decommissioning plan. All the while the floating production storage and offloading vessel is being prepared for sail. So far, the progress is steady for securing the specific permits needed to move forward with the potential drilling campaign of 2019 and 2020.

States Uses Initiatives To Get More Of Their Residents Back To College

Policymakers determined to reach older students in the bid to lure them to attain their degrees.

When Laren Blount a 32-year-old, from Southern, Mississippi and a mother of two received a call from a man who acclaimed that her college credit is enough to be awarded a degree, she was in doubt. She stated that she almost hanged up the call as she thought it was only a scam.

However, her doubts were cleared when the man mentioned her prior courses and dates of enrollment. She later understood that it was part of the state’s initiative and efforts to channel millions of adult Americans to complete their college degrees.

The policy is focused on those who have enough credits or few more credits to earn a degree, in the like of Laren who a few years back had enrolled in some nursing prerequisites at her local community college.

The major relapse that the policymakers are facing is how to find them and get them to continue.

Old students are sometimes untraceable or can be difficult to track down. Others are confronted by bureaucratic and financial constraints to re-enroll. Still, yet, others are discouraged by the academic requirements which only favor young adults of 18 to 22 years old students although it is not a major criterion.

Currently, the states are utilizing every possible tool to track them down and lure them, from tuition discounts to direct-mailing. However, these efforts are turning to be difficult considering the outcome of the strategies used.

According to the according to the U.S. Census, there are over 25 million adults with some college credits, but no degree, out of more than 35 million adults. The efforts to reach these dropouts by some states such as Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi and others have shown that the students graduating from U.S. high school are not enough to cater for the college graduates needs of the nation.

OSI Group Has Grown Tremendously Since Establishing

OSI group deals with production and supplying of the value added food. OSI, over the years, have been able to provide extensional services exceptionally. Their services include food production, custom food processing solutions and manufacturing. The great, passionate and trained workforce of about 2000 employees in 17 countries may explain why the group has won many peoples heart around the globe within a century that it has been operational.

OSI Group Commitment To Customer’s Satisfaction

OSI group has grown tremendously since establishing its first meat market in Chicago 109 years ago. Many brands around the world now holds the group with unshakable trust. That may be attributed to the quality and value emphasis by the organization management in conjunction with the workers here.

Their quality management philosophies and customer oriented management have not only seen it expand to the 17 countries with over 65 facilities. But also make out as the best amongst those in the food industry.

Its rise from simple meat outlet to a big corporate business was not an instant happening it has been patient and commitment. Through research and development as well as considering the customers feedback has helped to improve the food to the customer preference and standards.

Under the best managers who have reigned through its life, it has gained much from well thought philosophies. Such managers include Sheldon Lavin who was chairman and CEO who not only impacted a lot from his previous experience but also led to substantial growth that still continues today.

OSI Group; Glory From Glorifying Customers.

ISO group has won numerous awards, including fifth global visionary award as well as various awards in categories such as environment i.e. environmental awards 2018,animal welfare presented in Europe USA and china ,and employee development presented in Europe, award on energy savings in USA, also their well handling of waste has been awarded in UK. Air emissions control has enabled them fetch deodorization system an award in Spain.

The group has much more investment on added value proteins now through poultry processing. This is not the only remarkable strides that this organization has made, it started beef processing too in 2010 this means a wider range of their products in the market.

Expanding its facilities further to china and Europe has shown its commitment to reach more to enjoy their great products. OSI group was able to acquire Baho foods, a Dutch manufacturer of convenience food. The group has also been able to acquire the processing facility and a warehouse from Tyson foods plant.

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A Proof That Education Is The Best Life Expectancy Predictor

A new research has revealed that the level of education someone has is a better life predictor than his income and/or standard of living. An increase in income and improved standards of living used to be the factors responsible for a healthy life.

Lutz and Kebede tried to carry out a research in order to find out which predicting determinant was more crucial to an improved health and life expectancy so that the policy-makers would know how to allocate funds or which sector needed more funding. In order to carry out this finding, Lutz and Kebede plotted a graph of an income vs life expectancy at birth. Then another graph was plotted again. This time, it was based on education and life expectancy at birth. And the curve that was derived this time was much more linear. This proved that education was a much better life expectancy predictor.

Subsequently, these researchers were able to clarify that better education leads to improved standards and better choices for health-related lifestyles and/or behaviors.

In recent times, the relationship between education and better health choices are becoming visible because there has been a shift in the health challenges of people. More lifestyle-related diseases are now increasing, meaning that income is not a factor while lack of education and information is a responsible factor. Nevertheless, with time, people would understand the link and/or relationship between education and better health choices. Thus, life expectancy would become even more obvious.

Again, there is a call or advocacy for improving education in order to eradicate poverty, and also to support economic growth and development. Once this is done, the relationship between education and health development would be built. In addition, life expectancy would be increased.

So, based on the graphs and theories postulated by Lutz and Kebede, as well as other researchers who have undertaken this research finding in the past, it is safe to say that education, and not income is the much better predictor of life expectancy.

Top Teachers In US Get Oppertunity To Meet At White House

Some of the top teachers in the United States were given a rare opportunity recently to meet with the President of the United States. This meeting followed a contentious meeting with Betsy DeVos, Secretary Of Education, and served to give these educators an opportunity to stress the importance of kindness and empathy.


The winners of the state Teachers of the Year were treated to a day at the Whitehouse. They were able to discuss things with Betsy DeVos as well as Alexander Acosta, Labor Secretary. The President took the time to make brief remarks in order to honor these outstanding educators as well as take the time for a few photo ops with the four finalists for Teacher of the Year, the nationwide award.


Many teachers discussed that the meeting with DeVos was disappointing, her responses to many of their important questions were less than stellar. She even sparred with one teacher when confronted with the effects of school choice, which is the focal point of DeVos entire agenda. DeVos ended the meeting by discussing how displeased she was with the Arizona teachers who were on strike stating that adults should discuss their disagreements, not walk out and disrupt the lives and education of children. This statement angered many of those who were in attendance who believe that her actions have not been in the best interest of the children and their education.


The top finalists who had a moment with Trump did what they could to express their concerns. One teacher from Washington state brought 45 letters from her students including a letter from a student from Rwanda who described their hostile experience in the US the past few years as well as her hope for a positive immigration and refugee community in the future. The teachers who had the chance to speak with President Trump hope that their words and these letters will help him realize that his words carry a lot of weight and he can lead the country in a better direction with a better attitude as well as more thought out words in the future. For more information, click here.


Arizona Teacher Walk Outs End In New Education Budget

After roughly a week of teachers walking out and demanding better funding for education, it looks as though classrooms will be back in working order soon. The governor of Arizona signed a bill that will increase the amount of money given to both teachers and schools in the first step of pay raises.


A massive movement was underway for about a week in the state of Arizona. Teachers wearing red and carrying signs reading #RedForEd walked out of their classrooms which led to the closure of many Arizona schools. These teachers wasted no time and headed straight for the capitol where the streets of Phoenix looked like a red sea in their push to urge lawmakers to add funding to their budgets after numerous years of fiscal cutbacks.


Governor Doug Ducey (R) signed legislation that at first did not meet all the demands that the teachers were requesting. While some teachers pushed to continue to keep schools closed until all demands were met, union leaders urged teachers to return to work and spend their time preparing for the same battle for the following year. A rep for the largest teachers union in the state, Arizona Education Association, noted that teachers weren’t thrilled with the legislation but they did see it as a starting point. It is also believed that the legislature is full of promises that won’t be upheld by the government. For their part, they noted that the teachers would have their eye on the November election. While the bill did not reduce classroom sizes, it gives teachers a 9 percent pay raise, halfway towards the goal of a 20 percent overall hike they requested. The legislation also doles out money to school districts and allows them the discretion to choose where it goes. It also raises the states spending on schools by an additional $200 million each year.


It is important to note that what has happened in Arizona is not a unique situation. Similar walk outs have occurred in Oklahoma, Kentucky and West Virginia. It was a planned event that followed the model of the West Virgina walk out which was successful in their negotiations. For more details and information, head to the Huffington Post.

Arizona State Legislature Approves 20% Raise for Striking Teachers

The Arizona Senate has passed legislation approving a budget plan that provides significant raises for school teachers who have been on strike for six days.

The measure, which was signed by Governor Doug Ducey just before dawn, will see teachers receive 9 percent raises in the fall, along with additional 5 percent raises in school years 2019 and 2020. This, in addition to a 1 percent raise approved last year, means Arizona teachers will see a cumulative 20 percent raise in their salaries between fiscal years 2018 and 2021. It is estimated that the plan would cost around $300 million this coming year alone.

The organizers of the strike had called for the resumption of classes on Thursday if the budget plan passed and was signed by the governor. As the process dragged through the night, however, many of the state’s larger school districts announced that their school will remain closed. Many striking teachers remained on State Legislature grounds through the night, with many holding a candlelight vigil in the State Capitol courtyard, and others occupying the House and Senate galleries during the debates.

In the wake of the passage of the new budget plan, the Phoenix-based Scottsdale school district, one of the largest in the state, announced that their schools would resume operation on Friday. It is expected that other districts will follow suit.

Arizona teachers, among the lowest paid in the country, began striking on April 26 after a vote saw nearly 45,000 teachers endorse the action. Demands included salary raises for teachers, a return to pre-Great Recession education funding statewide, a decrease of student-teacher ratio and raises for support staff such as guidance counselors. Since the start of the year, many similar actions had played out in many states such as West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Jorge Moll; Giving is a Way to Success

As a dedicated philanthropist and advisor, Jenny Santi has interacted with some of the world’s memorable and notable change-makers who use their resources to improve other’s lives despite their background or annual income. Even more, these people come from diverse backgrounds, but a simple act of giving has never hurt them in any way. As such, Santi has written a book regarding the power of giving as a means of healing people’s lives and their hurt. Alongside her struggles, she is dedicated to inspiring others.

Jenny Santi connects the power of giving to finding healing. In her book, you will discover;

The effect of altruism to the brain especially when it stimulates the center of the brain

The giving that makes people happier in every way

How to allocate your time and resources in ways that are impact-oriented to other’s lives, see also Jorge Moll’s study.


The Story of Czech model Petra Nemcova

In December 2004, a famous model, Petra Nemcova was on vacation with her then-fiancé and photographer, Simon Atlee. Like any other couple having fun on the outskirts of Thailand, they toured the city and had a lot of fun. From the delicious seafood to resting on the palm trees, theirs was like a movie. Unfortunately, disaster struck; a subsequent tsunami followed the Indian Ocean earthquake. Atlee drowned in the waters while Petra Nemcova held onto a palm tree. Luckily, she survived, and the following day, she was airlifted to the emergency room.


Petra Gives Back to the People of Thailand

Barely a year into her recovery, Petra took it upon herself to give back to the community. Even while nursing her wounds, she was more motivated to help rebuild the lives of the children and parents whose lives were grievously affected by the disaster, refer also to Jorge Moll.


Describing Jorge Moll the Neurologist

Jorge Moll is the managing director of the series of hospitals known as the D’Or Institute for Research Education. A neurologist by profession, he is a qualified doctor in cognitive neuroscience. In his capacity as the head cheerleader of D’Or Institute if Research, Jorge Moll has worked hard to establish strong working relations for the betterment of patient’s health.


Arizona Teachers Protest Against Pay

Fair societies and their respective governments have long allowed citizens, businesses, and other classes of people and groups have long banded together in the name of better rights, pay, liberties, and other benefits for themselves.

While some unions get more than a fair market value for their employees in terms of pay, far too many unions don’t get enough reeled in for their collective bases of constituents, with every union or group that teachers in the United States of America are associated with fitting the bill just as well as any other group.

Education is supposed to be highly important in the best societies around the world, right? While the strategies to help kids learn things are somewhat the same across planet Earth, the payment for teachers and public school administrators is far too low than what most reasonable people would think it would be.

Even though most educators in public school systems work towards master’s degrees in today’s age, they aren’t compensated as people holding the same degrees in other disciplines. All teachers, as a matter of fact, are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree here in the United States, with most states forcing teachers that want to retain their licensure to teach to undergo tens of hours’ worth of continuing education requirements – though they still aren’t paid nearly as well as they should be.

For this great reason, Teachers across the state of Arizona stood against the recent decline of a bill that would have risen the pay of teachers across the Southwestern United States state.

According to both the Arizona Education Association and Arizona Educators United, two separate groups, a statewide walkout is slated to take place on April 26. Doug Ducey could resolve the issue by giving teachers a collective raise of 20 percent by 2020, 9 percent of which comes next year.

AFT Cuts Ties With Wells Fargo

The United States of America is home to far more violence involving firearms than anywhere else in the world, by a longshot. With as many mass shootings in schools around the nation having reared their horrific heads over the past few months, it only makes sense that people, including teachers, students, administrators, community members, and everyone else imaginable, have publicly spoken out against the status of firearms in the United States.

After a shooting roughly two months ago in Parkland, Florida, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that took the lives of nearly twenty students, countless big-box businesses cut their ties with the National Rifle Association or NRA.

On Thursday, April 19, 2018, the American Federation of Teachers announced that it would no longer to any business with Wells Fargo, one of the largest financial institutions across the United States, due to its unwillingness to relinquish its ties to the National Rifle Association and various groups involved with firearms here in the United States.

The AFT, or American Federation of Teachers, has roughly 1.7 million members, making the action taken by the group significant by any and all means. Wells Fargo currently lends mortgages to about 21,000 members of the AFT, most of which are at slightly better deals than those members would have received, had they shopped elsewhere.

Members of the AFT, from the highest ranks of the organization, all the way down to the problem, supported with the decisions made by the teacher’s union, as Wells Fargo didn’t comply with the official request of the union to cut its ties with various manufacturer of firearms and the NRA.

Leaders of the AFT even tried to meet with Wells Fargo executives in person, though none of those teachers’ efforts bore fruit, effectively showing the AFT that the bank didn’t care.