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Oklahoma Teachers Poised for Strike

Oklahoma’s largest teachers’ union, the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA), announced on Wednesday that they are planning to institute a teacher walkout on April 2 if their demands are not met. The teachers are seeking higher pay for educators and other state employees. Unless Oklahoma legislators institute a pay raise by April 1, members of the OEA plan to strike on April 2.

According to the teachers’ union, their main problem is that Oklahoma does not fund education as adequately as neighboring states like Kansas. In the past decade, school funding in Oklahoma has been slashed by more than $1 billion. Many local schools have moved to a four day week and other schools have been forced to eliminate science programs, art classes and sports programs. Class sizes have ballooned in many districts, while minimum pay has not increased.

This lack of funding for education is a result of tough economic times for Oklahoma. As the state’s once robust oil and gas sector has declined, sales tax revenues have also gone down. This has forced the government to make drastic budget cuts, and education has been hit the hardest. Currently, only Utah, Idaho and Arizona spend less per student than the Sooner State.

The OEA has a long list of demands for the state government. Their primary demand is a $10,000 raise for all teachers. They also want legislators to institute a $5,000 pay increase for members of school support staff like guidance counselors, social workers and school nurses. The OEA has also discussed giving a $7,500 raise to other state employees.

Oklahoma educators have been inspired by recent events in West Virginia, where striking teachers convinced the governor on Tuesday to sign a bill giving them a 5% raise. The legislation was signed into law in response to a 9-day strike which closed schools across the state.

Some of Lime Crime’s Latest Makeup Offerings

Lime Crime is a unique makeup brand created by the unicorn queen of makeup, Doe Deere. This companies products are all cruelty free and certified vegan. This means that Lime crimes makeup products are not tested on animals and animal products and byproducts are not used in their makeup. The mascot of this brand is a unicorn, which represents creativity and love for all creatures. Doe created this makeup to make others happy, and as a way for others to express themselves through makeup.

Lime Crime launched in 2008, and has evolved tremendously since then. They have several different products on their website, all in which are unique and full of mystery. The creator, Doe Deere always had a love for makeup and fairytales, so she brought the two together and created something incredible. There is no other makeup line such as this one.

It features matte lipstick, unicorn lipstick, eye shadow pallets, highlighter, glittery lip gloss, metallic lipstick, different colored liquid liners, pop on nails, sparkly makeup brushes, and they have a brand new Venus XL pallet which has 18 different eye shadow colors. Another new feature to this brand is their new semi permanent unicorn hair dye. This hair dye is completely unique and offers a wide variety of different colors to choose from. They have blue, green, yellow, red, gray, purple, orange, pink, and more!

On their website, they have a deal where if you refer your friends to their website, they get $5 off of their first purchase, and if the friends you referred it to makes a purchase, then you’ll get $10 when they make a purchase.

Doe Deere plans on furthering her business and making more products for everyone to love. She is up for trying new things and is excited to see what fantasies she is going to come up with for her makeup line in the near future. Find out more about Lime Crime:

Jason Hope Moving Towards the Quality of Life in the New World

Currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, investor, entrepreneur and consultant. Prior in taking up his expertise Mr. Hope was born in Temp, Arizona. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University.After he received his master’s degree in business administration from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope takes interest in the future of improvement of anti-aging with the longevity of life and health, the welfare of others and the effect with internet of things.

In focusing on the promising research of the longevity and the quality of life. Jason Hope involves himself with organizations that are working towards improving the future through technology and working towards the improvement of mankind by fighting the effects of chronic diseases that relate to aging, to help people live longer and healthier lives.

A believer in giving back to the community. Hope donates to local multiple organizations where he lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Hope also donates to national humanitarian organizations, such as Sens Research Foundation a non-profit organization based in California, which Hope supports their development program called Age-breaker. He has shown great interest in the Sens Research Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Gray human medicine and their overall access to the problem of human aging and its related diseases. Mr. Hope has donated over 500,000 dollars in 2010. As a consultant Jason Hope truly cares about the welfare of others. He developed financial grants for upcoming young and senior entrepreneurs supporting idea for technology of the future that enhance the efficiency and lives of others.

Jason Hope recently released an e-book on Amazon. “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A quick guide for Thriving in the IOT Era” Hope goes on in explaining the influence and dependence that people have with the internet. For example, if you accidentally left the coffee pot on and/or forgot to lock the doors at home. Just a simple click on the smart phone will get the job done for you and relaxing the nerves of worry that may overwhelm you. Internet to devices as such would be smart phones to medical devices or home alarms, lighting, coffee machines, washer machines and video cameras just to name a few. Devices that are used with a flip of a switch, may now be effected by the internet of things. In making particular devices that are controlled by physically turning on/off a switch, has the chances of being converted into a simple click of a smartphone. The Internet of things is a new beginning of today and the future.

Continuing to globalize the scientific community key issues in developing and search in particular for organizations and projects that he can support, influences and provides resources. Jason Hope wants to be a profitable source to young and upcoming entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life and become a future technological breakthrough. In supporting the new generation.

Hope understands how hard it is to financially jump start their idea in the new world.

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GoBuyside Offers Recruiting Solutions Aplenty

Since its founding in 2011, recruiting and consultation firm GoBuyside has been providing thousands of businesses all over the world with a comprehensive solution in the never ending search for good employees. While most of their clients are in the financial sector (including investment firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, etc.), the company says that it works across “A broad spectrum of geographies and mandates”.

GoBuyside has been successful as a result of numerous factors, but the company says that one of their main advantages is the proprietary technology that they use to sort and evaluate their various applicants. While a company can certainly find employees without the help of a third-party company, the results tend to be very random. Using a company such as this one can save a lot of the time that would normally be expended in sorting the good employees from the bad ones. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.


Despite being a small company with only “11-50” employees, they serve about 500 clients with a network that covers about 10,000 businesses in over 500 cities. Not bad for a company that hasn’t even been around for ten years.


As this article from the company shows, ( Gobuyside is committed to maintaining compliance with all the latest regulations, so as to provide proper training to its employees before they are contracted by any of their many clients. The article outlines recent changes in data privacy law, such as data erasure and security.


According to this article, new regulations have recently been put into place that require companies to take stronger measures to protect user data that they have gathered in the normal course of doing business. In the event of a data breach, they are now required to report the breach in a timely fashion. This is probably due to several high-profile data breaches that have caused much controversy in recent years, such as the huge Uber hack of 2016. This hack exposed the personal information of 57 million customers. Visit to know more.


Apart from their work in the area of human capital, GoBuyside is also a consultation firm that provides financial advice to private investors and large companies alike. From a quick look at their blogs and social media, one can see that they often give out good advice for free. On these pages, one can learn a lot about how the world of finance works.


As a leading innovator in the field of human capital, Gobuyside will almost certainly continue to play a big role in many industries for many years to come.


The Gate’s Discuss Wishes for US Education

Bill and Melinda Gates are quickly recognized for their substantial wealth and status. A lesser known factoid about the couple is their immense contribution in philanthropy. Throughout the successful years that Microsoft has grown as a company, the Gates’ have always made philanthropic endeavors a priority for their investment portfolio. The Gates’ family has given away billions of dollars of their own money to causes around thew world. More specifically, $500 million per year is donated in the United States alone. One of their primary domestic focuses has been education.

The Gates’ were faced with a tough question during their 10th Annual Letter. The question centered around their education initiatives and results that have been seen. Bill Gates replied that the couple had accomplished many things but not as much as they would have liked. Despite their billions spent on domestic education initiatives, Gates still feels that US education is falling behind their potential. This is in contrast to more successful philanthropic investments such as the vaccination of children for which the Gates’ have donated billions. Over the past few decades, the life expectancy of children has risen while decreases in malaria and polio have also been seen.

During the Letter, Bill admitted that public schools were still not up to par on important measurements, notably the rate at which students are graduating college. Despite giving to US Education since 2000, the six year college graduation rate has remained around 60% for decades. The couple continued to explain how their primary goal has been improving education equality. However, this endeavor has proved to be difficult to tackle as well.

While the United States leads the world in many areas, public education is simply not one of them. There are several public and private initiatives that seek to improve these standards. As Bill and Melinda Gates have shared; however, these standards have not raised much over the past few decades.

Student Financial Aid to be Hacked under Trump Plan

The Trump administration is planning drastic cuts to student financial aid to the tune of almost $4 billion annually. Among the proposals in the 2019 fiscal budget released in early February, President Trump and U. S. Education Secretary DeVos are seeking to eliminate paying interest on the loans of needy students while they are in school, end loan forgiveness for public officials, and change the stipulations of income-determining student loan repayments. These revisions could add more than $200 billion to higher education expenses over the next ten years.

The Institute for College Access & Success predicts that, with Trump’s plan, educators who took out loans for graduate school would end up paying over three times what would be required if they were to receive loan forgiveness afforded to public servants. Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, a member of the Senate’s Health, Education Labor and Pensions Committee, lamented: “At a time when millions of students are struggling under the crushing burden of student debt, it speaks volumes that President Trump and Secretary DeVos are proposing $200 billion in cuts to financial aid. This is a complete 180 from the agreement Republicans and Democrats made….”

The Oval Office wants to chop almost $800 million from work-study programs by which students earn income to pay for their higher education. Additionally, Trump and DeVos seek to alter the Pell Grant allocation formula to divert funds away from monied private colleges that currently receive an oversized appropriation. However, the two-year budget that Trump approved earlier this month saves the work-study program from these cuts for the immediate future. With the excess money provided by the legislature, Trump suggested reinstating $300 million to the program.


American Teachers Join Gun Control Debate

A week following the deadly shooting that left 17 students dead at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida, the gun control debate is heating up across the United States, and schoolteachers are now at the center of the controversy.

After President Donald Trump met with survivors of the Parkland shooting as well as with relatives of the victims, the idea of arming up to 700,000 American teachers has been mentioned several times. Preliminary comments by Trump on this matter include choosing teachers who are military veterans or who have tactical firearms training, installing a gun safe in their classrooms, and giving them a monetary bonus for being designated armed teachers.

As can be expected, the National Rifle Association is fully supporting the idea of arming teachers and increasing the presence of armed guard in schools; however, educators have serious doubts about Trump’s idea.

According to a report published by the Chicago Tribune on February 22, Indiana teachers are completely dismissing the idea of having access to firearms in the classroom or anywhere on campus. Some teachers called the idea absurd.

Many schools in various states have staged walkout protests in solidarity with the Parkland students, who have taken up a strong stance towards pushing gun control in Florida. Republican Senator Marco Rubio was grilled on this issue by a student who asked him if he would continue accepting political donations from the NRA.

Families from Parkland have traveled to the state legislature to support survivors from the shooting.

The Real Estate Mogul Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci shares his knowledge with the public in the Real Estate Investing Hour radio show that he hosts on KFWB News.

His Training Firm

He also opened the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in 2014. The institution trains people interested in venturing into real estate business.

He shares with them the model he has applied to succeed in the business. He has tutors who work with him to train and mentor real estate students and business players.

The academy has online and on-campus classes, and he is one of the tutors. As the CEO of the academy, he monitors both students and tutors to ensure everything is working as he had envisioned it.

The vision to create wealth in the industry

His vision is to train and mentor many people to make fortunes in real estate as he had done. NVREA is one of the fastest growing institutions in America, and Nick Vertucci is happy to use it to guide his students transform their lives through real estate investments.

The unshakable resolve

Nick Vertucci owes his success to an unbreakable belief in his abilities. According to him, you need to have a long-term goal that you focus on, so that small failures do not disrupt you.

He advises people to have a vision, believe in it, plan well and execute the plans to succeed.

In “Seven Figure Decisions,” a book he hopes to publish soon, he widely shares his experiences and insights.

It is his other way of imparting whatever he has learned on to upcoming real estate investors. Through this, he continues to realize his dream of nurturing and mentoring young investors to reap from their real estate investments.

Driver’s Education May Incorporate Bike Safety

Bicycles are becoming more popular in Michigan. Bicycle crashes are also becoming more common. Bicycle accidents increased by 12 percent from 2014 to 2016. Aneta Kiersnowki is the director of development and communications at League of Michigan Bicyclists. She stated that even though bicycles make up less than one percent of accidents, people on bikes are more likely to be seriously-injured.

Many motorists are unaware of the fact that bicyclists are able to share the road. They may shout things like “Get on the sidewalk” or “Get off of the road.” Many drivers attempt to punish bike riders by driving too close to them and passing them. One of the most dangerous accidents occur is when a driver hits a cyclist from behind.

Representative Julie Alexander has introduced a bill that will require bicycle education to be a part of driver’s education. Drivers will be required to receive one hour of education about the laws pertaining to cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable people on the road.

Julie stated that many drivers are confused because different places have different pathways for bikes. In some places, cyclists ride in the middle of the road. Others drive on the side of the road.

Mary Kay Relich is the secretary of the Michigan Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association. She stated that bicycle safety is already a part of driver education. If the bill becomes a law, then the instructors will have to follow the guidelines that are set by the Department of State.

Getting to know Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an entrepreneur at heart with a desire to always put the care of the customer first. His day is intensely dedicated to finding what will help his clients best. To do this he manages his time by splitting work up with a creative and relaxing break in the middle of the day where he often finds himself to be most creative. More info here.

As he gives counsel to his customers he also keeps a passion for the outdoors and physical activities. He is an avid mountain biker who’s favorite app is Strava; an app that tracks you and other users while you bike or run a trail. He uses physical activity as a rock to his schedule where time is of big importance to him. He claims the best $100 he spent was on TSA PreCheck because of the time it saves in the airport.

Not only is Hagele dedicated to his customers he is also dedicated to the future of technology. He frequently invents in start-up tech companies where his favorite technological development is artificial intelligence. Hagele is keeping up with the times by understanding that Social Media and even artificial intelligence is the future of the world as we know it.

He also is cognizant of his past. When explaining the biggest mistakes he made as an entrepreneur he made note of those mistakes and has avoided making them again. He also learned from his past from the worst job he ever worked as a car washer in the winter of Chicago, claiming that he knew from that point on he wanted to take control of his education and career.

Overall, Michael Hagele seems to be a very person focused business leader. Where no one comes before the customer and where hard work and tenacity are met equally with physical activity and play time.

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