New Chages to Illinois Public Safety Education in Schools

The state of Illinois is now implementing changes to public safety training in schools. This isn’t about tornado safety or other long practiced drills and taught safety procedures, this is about driving safety. According to a recent report from the Huffington Post, this is specifically about what to do during a traffic stop by authorities. […]... Read More

How Stephen Murray Established CCMP Capital as a Major Player in Finance

Stephen Murray served CCMP Capital and its subsidiaries for over 16 years. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is credited with helping the firm to distinguish itself as a major player in the money markets. He left the New York-based firm in 2015 due to health complications. His ill-timed death one month later was a major loss […]... Read More

Small-county School District Expanding

In spite of the recent pessimism and negativity toward public education and the education system in general, in Beaufort–a small county in South Carolina–the public school district is experiencing a growing influx of new students. Over the past 4 years, the number of students enrolled in Beaufort Schools has grown by more than 2500, and […]... Read More

High-Quality AC service with Goettl Air Conditioning Professionals

Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that deals with HVAC services and offers exceptional heating and air conditioning services across several cities in the United States including Las Vegas, Phoenix, South California, and Tucson. The company was established in 1939 and over the years, it has offered high-quality Air Conditioning and heating equipment as well […]... Read More

George Soros Will Invest in Migrants Across the World

While the world is combating terrorism and the United Nations is orchestrating meetings in order to address the refugee crisis, millions of people around the world are desperate fighting for their lives. The billionaire George Soros, who has before addressed the inefficient foreign policies of the United States and the European Union, has a solution. […]... Read More

Nizan Guanaes: A Key Player in the Brazilian Advertising and Marketing Industry

Global advertising is an important contributor to economic growth, but individual marketing agencies differ on the role advertising plays. Whether an organization is small or large, marketing is used as an avenue to create customer interest through consistent advertising. This involves frequently creating advertising campaigns that involve an array of decisions for planning, formulating, delivering […]... Read More